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Buzz in Pharma Blogs This Week Includes Pfizer HIV MarketersGetting Fired, FDA’s Hearing on Avandia, and Blogger PeterRost is Taking Over for Journalist Jim Edwards at Brandweek NRX

NEWTOWN, PA, August 6, 2007 – Blogger Peter Rost has been hired by mainstream media to replace a journalist, three executives at Pfizer have been fired over alleged improper marketing activities for HIV drugs maraviroc and Viracept, GlaxoSmithKline’s diabetes drug Avandia survived the FDA committee hearing, and J&J is taking cost-cutting measures by eliminating 3% to 4% of its work force. Christiane Truelove, editor of Med Ad News and R&D Directions, summarizes the thoughts of popular industry bloggers on these and other topics in this week’s PharmaBlogs: Week in Review eNewsletter.

Some of Ms. Truelove’s highlights in this eNewsletter:

  • Dr. Peter Rost interviews Christiane Truelove herself and plugs the PharmaBlogs: Week in Review eNewsletter.
  • Ed Silverman at PharmaLot says of Dr. Rost’s new post, “Rost is being given an even wider, credible platform to follow pharma. This will, no doubt, drive more than a few people inside Pfizer, and some other companies, a little crazy. But for the rest of us, it should be interesting.”
  • Dr. Daniel Carlat of Carlat Psychiatry Blog comments about Pfizer’s marketing firings saying, “When your marketing plan is always teetering on the edge of corruption, you’re gonna get burned.”
  • Dr. Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline believes that FDA’s decision on Avandia was well done and “grown up.”

Posted: August 2007