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Blue Spoon Consulting Updates Briefing Note: ?Pharmaceutical Promotion At Its Productivity Frontier'

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 3, 2009 - Blue Spoon Consulting Group, LLC, today updated its briefing note examining the degrading trends in pharmaceutical marketing, and what can be done about it. Available for download through the Blue Spoon Consulting website (, ˜Pharmaceutical Promotion At Its Productivity Frontier' is currently the only piece of strategic writing that looks at a total context of change shaping how pharmaceutical companies market and measure performance. It is updated periodically to integrate significant industry events. Opportunity to create new platforms for growth is also explored.

Blue Spoon is a leading strategy and marketing innovation consultancy serving the global pharmaceutical, health products, and information technology industries. Blue Spoon was the first to publish a new commercial model for drug marketing1, the first to design a new architecture for grand strategy in the pharmaceutical industry, and has pioneered a framework to improve business performance at a system level, an approach that enables an evolutionary leap in solutions for growth and competitive advantage. Visit:

1Singer J. Systems marketing: A new operating model for pharmaceutical marketing. Jrnl Consumer Behaviour. 2005;4:(6):480-495.



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Posted: September 2009