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Biopartners Holdings AG Purchased by Bioton S.A.

BAAR, Switzerland 14th March 2007: Biopartners Holdings AG has announced that it has been purchased in a deal worth $78M by Bioton S.A., a Polish biotechnology company. Bioton S.A., and entities associated with DLJ Merchant Banking Partners signed a purchase agreement for 100% shares in share capital on 9th March 2007, including the subsidiaries Biopartners GmbH (Switzerland) and Biopartners GmbH (Germany).

Biopartners is a modern biotechnology company concentrating on the development of innovative drugs and biopharmaceuticals, where significant market opportunities exist. Biopartners' main products include: Valtropin© Slow release human growth hormone; Interferon beta; Alpheon© and Ravanex©. The terms of the deal ensure that all Biopartners' operations remain untouched, with all drug development projects continuing as before under the same management.

Mr Jean-Noël Treilles, CEO of Biopartners said, "Bioton S.A. and Biopartners Holdings AG are complementary companies with excellent synergies in production and marketing, as well as sales and distribution. This acquisition will bring together each company's unique expertise, enabling expansion and acceleration of product development reducing a product's 'time-to-market'."

Bioton S.A. is a dynamic and developing Polish company in the biotechnology sector, manufacturing clinically important modern drugs, including recombinant human insulin and its pharmaceutical forms, as well as preparations from the cephalosporine, aminoglycoside and macrolide groups. Founded on 24th August 1989 as a limited liability company, Bioton S.A has been listed on the Warsaw stock exchange since March 2005 (WSE:BIO). At the end of 2004, Bioton S.A. started developing its international expansion strategy and following a series of transactions now holds 90.54% of SciGen, a high growth biopharmaceutical company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:SIE).

Mr Adam Wilczega, CEO of Bioton S.A. commented, "The acquisition of Biopartners is the next step in building a modern company present in all global markets. It provides us with access to innovative products and biosimilars in the advanced stages of development, additional biotechnological know-how in the product development and registration processing in EMEA with subsequent access to the highly profitable European and US markets."

For further information on Biopartners please contact:

Walter Häusermann, Chief Financial Officer

Marie-Joëlle Gaufrès, Head of Commercial Operations

Phone: +41 (0)41 766 20 80

Phone: +41 (0)41 766 20 80

About Biopartners Holdings AG

Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, with an affiliate in Germany, Biopartners is a global biopharmaceuticals company and a leader in the emerging field of multi-source biopharmaceuticals. Biopartners' mission is to develop biopharmaceuticals and innovative formulations of "first generation" biopharmaceuticals as well as advanced delivery systems that may improve patient compliance. Biopartners is developing a comprehensive range of biopharmaceutical products that may offer life-saving therapeutic benefits across many therapeutic areas, including oncology, virology, haematology, endocrinology and neurology. Biopartners will submit a third dossier to the EMEA and has a forth product in phase III.

About Bioton S.A.

Bioton S.A. has a portfolio of 32 products - among them the key product: Recombinant Human Insulin. The company's intention is to systematically increase the share of medicinal products based on the substances produced via biosynthesis. The introduction of recombinant human insulin enabled Bioton S.A. to join the small group of companies in the world that manufacture this substance. Bioton S.A. aims to continuously develop an attractive portfolio that will include high-margin products of a high therapeutic efficacy.


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Posted: March 2007