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Biomax Informatics AG Acquires Data Mining Business from eudaptics software gmbh

MARTINSRIED, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 21, 2007 - Enhancing and broadening its technology and solution portfolio, Biomax Informatics AG has acquired the operative business of the Austrian data mining specialist eudaptics software gmbh.

This extends the Biomax offering with the Viscovery range of products. With its intuitive visual approach to data exploration, the Viscovery Suite ideally complements the knowledge management system offered by Biomax. This is especially important for areas such as biomarker identification and validation, toxicology and clinical research.

Data mining products and solutions will be offered by Viscovery Software GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Biomax Informatics AG.

The combination of knowledge management and data mining facilitates comprehensive solutions for the clients

"The Viscovery data mining software complements our BioXM knowledge management platform in an optimal way," comments Dr. Klaus Heumann, CEO of Biomax Informatics AG. "With this acquisition, we can offer comprehensive solutions for the integrated analysis and interpretation of biological and clinical experimental data to our customers and thus strengthen our unique position in the market."

"The merger with Biomax allows Viscovery to access the rapidly growing life science market. In addition, the BioXM platform may be deployed as an effective solution in markets where Viscovery is already firmly established," says Dr. Gerhard Kranner, managing director of Viscovery Software GmbH, about the additional sales potential.

Further investments in the data mining business

Viscovery Software GmbH will be the center of competence for data mining within the Biomax organization and use Biomax resources synergistically. Development of the Viscovery data mining software will remain the responsibility of Viscovery, whereby updates and new releases will continue to be available to existing and new customers. In addition, an extension of the Viscovery offering for the life science market as well as a new data mining product for the general tool market are planned.

About Biomax

Biomax Informatics AG is a leader in the development of knowledge management solutions for the life science industry, with a focus on clinical applications. The BioXM platform allows complex molecular biological relations to be structured clearly and be put into relation with experimental data and clinical findings.

Among Biomax customers are numerous leading companies, including BASF, Boehringer Ingelheim, KWS Saat, Roche, and Schering. Additional information about Biomax can be found at the company website:

About eudaptics software gmbh and Viscovery Software GmbH

Biomax has acquired Viscovery Software GmbH from eudaptics software gmbh. Eudaptics had previously transferred its operative business to Viscovery Software GmbH. Viscovery will act as a self-contained company within the Biomax group, so that there will be no changes in the business relations for new and existing customers.

As one of the first data mining companies in Europe, Viscovery is among the leading vendors of predictive analytics solutions. The Viscovery suite possesses unique patented technology for the explorative analysis and statistical modeling of complex data. Comprehensive workflows support the generation of high-performance predictive models which may be real-time integrated and updated automatically.

For many years now, Viscovery software is being used by more than 300 customers from different application areas, such as banking, insurance, telecom, industry, media, retail, as well as research organizations and universities. Additional information about Viscovery can be found at

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Posted: September 2007