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Bend Research and Pfizer Offer Proprietary Technology to Help Solve Drug-Discovery Challenges

New Partners Invited To Use Spray-Dried Dispersion (SDD) Technology To Overcome Problems of Low Solubility

BEND, Ore., August 08, 2007 /PRNewswire/ -- Bend Research Inc. today announced a new initiative to make available Pfizer's drug-delivery technology for improving the clinical value of experimental compounds.

The search for new medicines is made more difficult because many potentially valuable compounds have low solubility and low bioavailability -- they are not easily absorbed or metabolized by the human body.

To overcome these challenges, Bend Research and Pfizer jointly developed the new, proprietary drug-delivery technology relying on spray-dried dispersions (SDDs). The SDD technology has been successfully applied to more than 200 Pfizer compounds with low aqueous solubility.

Further, improved oral bioavailability significantly above that of crystalline drug has been demonstrated in 17 clinical trials conducted by Pfizer, including one Phase III trial.

"Pfizer has always understood the value of partnering in order to overcome the highly complex scientific challenges of drug discovery," said John L. LaMattina, president of Pfizer Research & Development. "This new initiative shows how we can share scientific expertise to help discover new medicines for patients in need."

"The SDD technology provides a significant opportunity to advance insoluble compounds with low bioavailability," said Marshall Crew, vice president of Bend Research. "This technology is broadly applicable to insoluble compounds and is compatible with conventional solid dosage forms. Bend Research looks forward to establishing new collaborations and driving forward to new pharmaceutical products."

Under this new initiative, Bend Research will work with research organizations and universities and seek to apply Pfizer's SDD technology to their compounds. The aim is to improve bioavailability in short-term feasibility studies.

If the results are promising, the partners will have the opportunity to negotiate license agreements with Pfizer. Bend Research is inviting researchers to make contact and discuss the applicability of SDDs to their low-bioavailability compounds.

Further information about this initiative is available at the Bend Research website: Companies interested in the SDD technology should contact Dr. Jeff Gautschi at Bend Research by calling (541) 382-4100 or e-mail . Media contacts should be directed to Ann Malkin, Director of Communications at Bend Research, at (541) 382-4100 or .

CONTACT: Ann Malkin, Director of Communications of Bend Research Inc.,+1-541-382-4100

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Posted: August 2007

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