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Avoid Holiday Injuries

-- Decorating for the holiday season should be plenty of fun.

But hanging those decorations -- especially if a ladder or step-stool is involved -- can take the jolliness right out of the holidays if you fall.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these holiday decorating ideas:

  • Hold off on the cocktails until after the decorating is done.
  • Use a shorter ladder or step-stool when possible. An extension ladder may be your best bet for outdoor or high decorating jobs.
  • Never put more weight on the ladder than it can hold. Also, clean and inspect the ladder before use to make sure nothing is loose or broken.
  • Make sure the ladder sits on a sturdy and even surface.
  • Don't stand on a piece of furniture to put up a decoration.
  • Always wear shoes or sneakers, and make sure the laces are securely tied.
  • Don't move anything heavy or awkward by yourself. Find someone to help you.
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Posted: December 2008