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AMA publishes all-new medical reference encyclopedia

CHICAGO, ILL., October 15, 2003 -- The American Medical Association announced that an all-new medical encyclopedia is now available to patients and their families to help them understand and become informed participants in their health care.

The 1,408-page, A to Z health guide is the first major medical encyclopedia published in the 21st century and includes the most recent health concerns such as SARS and bioterrorism.

The American Medical Association Complete Medical Encyclopedia is claimed to cover more medical terms, illnesses, drugs, treatments and procedures than any other home resource guide. Readers can refer to the book to monitor medical conditions and make the most out of doctor and hospital visits.

"This book is a tremendous resource for patients, especially families with children, who can use the encyclopedia at home for practical medical information," said AMA President-Elect John C. Nelson, M.D., M.P.H. "Having the AMA Complete Medical Encyclopedia close at hand can be much more useful than searching online, where health-related information can be unreliable and cumbersome."

The encyclopedia has more than 5,000 entries, 1,750 illustrations, and hundreds of helpful charts and graphs. In addition, the book includes wellness articles that contain information on exercise and nutrition. Readers can also refer to 29 symptom charts to help determine the possible causes of many common ailments and suggest a course of action or medical intervention.

The encyclopedia also includes:

  • a chapter on first aid, outlining the steps to take for emergency situations from choking to heart attacks;
  • a section called "Atlas of the Body" that maps the major body systems in full color drawings; and
  • a comprehensive list of health agencies, government agencies and medical societies.

Source: AMA

Posted: October 2003