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Almirall Strengthens Its German Business With Two New Products: Sativex and Actikerall

Barcelona, 5th July 2011.- Almirall, S.A. (ALM:MC) announces the launch, in Germany, of Sativex® for the treatment of spasticity in multiple sclerosis (MS) and the approval of Actikerall® for the treatment of hyperkeratotic actinic keratosis (grade I/II) in adult patients which will be launched on July 15th. This represents a step forward for Almirall to reinforce our presence in European markets and is also an important milestone in our offering society innovative medicines to fulfil unmet medical needs.

“Being a company based on innovation and committed to health, Almirall aims to provide innovative solutions for patients. With the launch of Sativex® we provide a novel alternative to patients who suffer from spasticity in MS. Also, with the launch of Actikerall® we will bring a new topical solution for non-melanoma skin cancer sufferers”, said Farid Taha, Managing Director, Almirall, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With the introduction of these new products Almirall strengthens its international presence in Europe's largest pharmaceutical market.

Sativex® offers the first new therapeutic option in decades to patients with spasticity due to MS who have previously failed to respond adequately to other anti-spasticity medication. The medicine is delivered by an oromucosal spray (sprayed into the mouth either onto the inside of the cheek or under the tongue) which is quickly absorbed, enabling patients to optimally adjust their dosage. The medicine is already available for MS patients in the UK and Spain.

Spasticity (otherwise known as muscle stiffness) is a common symptom of MS affecting about 80% of the 130,000 MS patients in Germany. It has a negative impact on their daily lives, affecting their mobility, physical capabilities and thus their overall quality of life.

Actikerall® is a topical solution for non-invasive lesion-directed treatment against hyperkeratotic actinic keratoses. The solution is applied by an integral brush once daily on the lesions directly for of six to twelve weeks. Actikerall® is supplied in a 25ml bottle which is sufficient for the treatment duration.

This medication contains low dose 5-fluorouracil (0,5%) in combination with salicylic acid (10%). Actinic keratosis is a non melanoma skin cancer type and thus belongs to the fastest growing malign diseases. It is seen predominantly on sun exposed areas such as the face, forehead or hairless scalp. In Germany, this medicine it will be available for patients from July 15th.

Almirall is an international pharmaceutical company based on innovation and committed to health. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, it researches, develops, manufactures and commercializes its own R&D and licensed drugs with the aim of improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Almirall focuses its research resources on therapeutic areas related to the treatment of asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), gastrointestinal disorders, psoriasis and other dermatological conditions.

Almirall’s products are currently present in over 70 countries while it has direct presence in Europe and Latin America through 12 affiliates. For further information please visit:

Fiona Gildea -
+44 (0)20 7611 3881


Posted: July 2011