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AIR Health Group Launches, First Analytic Marketing Tool Debuts In Pharma Industry

Advanced Analytic Marketing Application Debuts In Pharmaceutical Industry New Model Leverages Physician Behavior & Preferences For Optimized Marketing From Pharma Companies

Phoenix (September 8, 2009) – With the pharmaceutical industry facing a significantly changing marketplace and bottom lines under pressure, the need for more efficient, effective and customer-centric sales and marketing tools has never been more eminent. Launching today, AIR Health Group is now offering an unprecedented analytics-driven marketing platform set to change the healthcare marketplace.

The launch of AIR Health Group is anticipated to not only offer a relevant solution to the pharmaceutical industry, but to be a welcome change for physicians who, as a result, will receive more relevant communications, education and information. Through AIR Health, physicians will receive only pertinent clinical updates, medical education programs, and other information that align with their historical behaviors and indicated communication channel preferences. This offers a stark contrast to the more traditional pharma marketing practices of the past. With the launch of the AIR Health solution set, the pharma industry will now have access to advanced communication optimization techniques needed to provide targeted important clinical information to physicians via individual choice mediums.

Building the AIR Health model on a proven analytics formula, AIR Marketing’s data and analytics-based approach has helped clients in the healthcare and hospitality industries maximize their market intelligence and customer preferences by creating flawless, automated campaigns that successfully measure against ROI benchmarks. AIR Marketing brings over a decade of experience and maintains an impressive track record of developing innovative programs with companies such as HealthNet, AVNET, Hershey’s Entertainment & Resorts, and Destination Hotels & Resorts.

Using this strategic analytics-based marketing formula, industry leaders such as Destination Hotels & Resorts, the seventh-largest independent hospitality management company, have reported receiving a 10:1 return on their investment utilizing AIR Marketing’s innovative solutions to market across its 34 uniquely branded properties.

“AIR Health is backed by over a decade of experience and performance in leading cutting-edge analytically marketing programs,” said David Ralls, Vice President of AIR Marketing and Partner, AIR Health. “Not available to the pharmaceutical industry until now, AIR Health’s innovative application offers a breath of fresh air that will forever change pharma marketing.”

The AIR Health model utilizes AIR Marketing’s proprietary analytic technology, Cyclone®, in conjunction with two advanced marketing solutions developed exclusively for AIR Health. A powerful analytical model designed to aggregate key physician practice, education, and other peer interactions at the individual physician level, Accentrx® provides a single view of physician predictive, as well as stated preferences. Accentrx, in essence, serves as an electronic communications record. Optimizing the intelligence derived from Accentrx, MyOperon provides the platform for personalized website URLs for each physician to receive optimized messages. -more- For more information on AIR Health Group, visit, and for more information on AIR Marketing, visit

About AIR Health Group A division of AIR Marketing, AIR Health is the first advanced analytic marketing tool available in the pharmaceutical industry. Utilizing a proven analytics formula that leverages physician behaviors and preferences, AIR Health offers an efficient, effective and customer-centric solution set for pharmaceutical marketing. Through AIR Health, physicians will receive only pertinent clinical updates, medical education programs, and other information that align with their historical behaviors and indicated communication channel preferences. Supporting the application, AIR Health has created two advanced marketing solutions, Accentrx® and MyOperon. Accentrx provides a single view of physician predictive and stated preferences and serves as an electronic communications record, while MyOperon optimizes data derived from Accentrx to create the platform for personalized messaging to physicians. For more information, go to

About AIR Marketing A leading innovator in marketing communications, AIR Marketing utilizes Analytics and Imagination to deliver measureable Results (AIR). With a proven track record of successful, award-winning campaigns for such national brands as Hershey, Avnet and Destination Hotels & Resorts, AIR Marketing leads the industry in the development of innovative creative solutions informed by analytics intelligence. The company’s current proprietary products include Cyclone™, a robust suite of analytics and marketing automation tools that provide real-time, in-depth analysis of customer information, and TouchPoints™, a first of its kind data-based web application that markets directly to individual customers based on their behavior and preferences. Recognized nationally as an industry leader, AIR Marketing was named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America and is among the top 100 businesses in the Phoenix metro area. For more information, go to


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Posted: September 2009