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By 2012, the Global Vaccine Market is Expected to Achieve $34 Billion in Sales: PharmaLive Special Reports

Newtown, PA, Aug.23, 2010--With an estimated annual growth rate of 14% during the next five years, vaccines will be one of the fastest-growing therapeutic areas, even outpacing oncology. Vaccines Review and Outlook 2010, PharmaLive’s newest Special Report, examines the reasons behind the growth and the developers/manufacturers, delivery systems, and innovations that are key drivers.


There is massive unmet medical need in the battles against childhood diseases in developing nations, chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and other widespread or up-and-coming conditions such as HIV/AIDS, meningitis, and dengue. The seasonal influenza segment also holds significant opportunities to improve market penetration, shelf stability, and delivery.


2010 saw the release of the first therapeutic cancer vaccine, Provenge. Many additional cancer vaccines are currently in the pipeline aimed at changing many lethal cancers into chronic diseases or causing permanent remissions.


Advances made in immunology, the increasing acceptance of the importance of preventative medicine, and the shift from small-molecule drug research to discovering novel and orphan biologics that are less susceptible to generic competition are also fueling the growth of the vaccine market.


“The world of vaccines is prospering as newer innovation is succeeding in the marketplace without the burden of near-term patent expirations,” says Andrew Humphreys, editor in chief of Canon Data Products Group. “Dendreon Corp.’s prostate-cancer treatment Provenge represents the first therapeutic cancer vaccine as well as the arrival of a new era in the vaccine oncology arena. HPV and meningitis-prevention vaccines are ones to watch as the competition in those areas is ramping up.”


More information is available in PharmaLive’s newest Special Report Vaccines Review and Outlook 2010, including qualitative and expert analysis of the vaccines and delivery systems in development and insight into the companies that are actively engaged in this fast-paced vaccine market sector.


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Posted: August 2010