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$15 million in healthcare revenue for Japan's leading pharmaceutical company: PharmaLive Special Reports

NEWTOWN, Pa., October 6, 2010 -Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is Japan's leading drug manufacturer based on 2009 healthcare revenue. During 2009, Takeda reorganized its corporate structure with the goal of enhancing global operations and expanding its sales presence in developing countries and regions where high growth is anticipated. One of the company's key strategies has been to develop partnerships with companies that will help increase global presence. Another primary goal has been to enhance the R&D pipeline while reducing expenses and improving success rates of R&D projects.

Top 30 Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies & Their Pipelines 2010, PharmaLive's newest Special Report, examines Japan's leading pharmaceutical companies, their drugs in development, their unique operating conditions, and the corporate strategies that are driving growth.

Japan's society is placing more pressure on the country's pharmaceutical companies to develop medicines that fulfill unmet medical needs arising as the population ages and disease patterns shift. At the same time, the operating environment for drug manufacturers is more challenging as a result of the country's efforts to control rising social welfare expenditures, intensified competition among drug makers, higher costs of R&D, and increasing regulatory demands.

More information is available in PharmaLive's Top 30 Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies & Their Pipelines 2010, including qualitative and expert analysis of the strategies being employed by successful Japanese pharma companies, drugs in development and key therapeutic categories for each of the top-performing companies, as well as challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

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Posted: October 2010