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New Drug Approvals Archive - April 2012

April 2012

April 2

Levemir (insulin detemir )

Labeling Revision Approved: March 29, 2012

Levemir (insulin detemir ) FDA Approval History

April 3

Neupro (rotigotine)

New Indication Approved: April 2, 2012

Neupro (rotigotine) FDA Approval History

April 6

Amyvid (florbetapir F 18) Injection

Date of Approval: April 6, 2012
Company: Eli Lilly and Company and Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc.
Treatment for: Diagnostic

Amyvid (florbetapir F 18) is a radioactive diagnostic agent used for brain imaging of beta-amyloid plaques in patients who are being evaluated for Alzheimer's Disease and other causes of cognitive decline.

Amyvid (florbetapir F 18) FDA Approval History

April 9

Victoza (liraglutide)

Labeling Revision Approved: April 6, 2012

Victoza (liraglutide) FDA Approval History

April 26

Afinitor (everolimus)

Labeling Revision Approved: April 26, 2012

Afinitor (everolimus) FDA Approval History

April 26

Votrient (pazopanib)

New Indication Approved: April 26, 2012

Votrient (pazopanib) FDA Approval History

April 27

Stendra (avanafil) Tablets

Date of Approval: April 27, 2012
Company: Vivus, Inc.
Treatment for: Erectile Dysfunction

Stendra (avanafil) is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Stendra (avanafil) FDA Approval History

April 30

Levaquin (levofloxacin)

New Indication Approved: April 27, 2012

New Drug Approvals Archive