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How much does Mayzent cost?

Medically reviewed by Leigh Ann Anderson, PharmD. Last updated on May 7, 2020.

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Key Points

  • The cash price for Mayzent (siponimod) 2 mg oral tablet can range from $7600 to $8,000 for a supply of 30 tablets using a free online coupon. The 0.25 mg tablet is about $1,900 for 30 tablets. However, most people do not pay these prices. This price is for cash-paying customers only, with a discount coupon, and is not valid with insurance plans.
  • If you have commercial insurance, check with Novartis, the manufacturer of Mayzent, to determine if you may be eligible for their $0 copay card.
  • Savings may also be available for other types of insurance or if you have no insurance. Novartis offers the Alongside MS Support Program for patients prescribed Mayzent. Call 1-877-MAYZENT (1-877-629-9368) for more information.

Mayzent (siponimod) is an expensive medication used to treat various forms of multiple sclerosis. The average cash price for the 2 mg tablet is about $8,021 for 30 tablets if you use an online coupon. Your price will vary based on your location, insurance plan, or pharmacy.

Novartis, the manufacturer of Mayzent, may be able to help you save on your medication, including a $0 copay card if you have commercial insurance. The annual maximum you can towards your copay card is $18,000. Most Medicare plans cover Mayzent, but you may be responsible for an out-of-pocket copay.

You are not eligible to use the commercial copay card if you are enrolled in a state or federally funded insurance program (for example: Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Veteran Affairs, Tricare, and others) or if you are paying cash.

You will most likely fill your Mayzent prescription through a specialty pharmacy. This pharmacy should accept your $0 copay card, if you have one. Specialty drugs are often expensive and may need special handling, shipping, storage or pharmacist safety reviews.

Novartis offers the Alongside MS Support Program for patients prescribed Mayzent.

  • Once your doctor submits a Start Form to begin treatment, you'll be automatically enrolled in Alongside MS.
  • This program pairs you with a coordinator who will help you start treatment, get the needed lab tests before treatment, and answer any insurance-related questions. They’ll contact your insurance company and help you to determine any out-of-pocket costs.
  • There may also be financial support for the various lab tests you need before treatment starts.
  • Call 1-877-MAYZENT (1-877-629-9368) for more information.

What is Mayzent?

In March 2019, Mayzent was the first oral treatment approved by the FDA for active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). It was also cleared to treat other relapsing forms of MS, including clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) and relapsing remitting disease (RRMS) in adults.

Mayzent is taken once a day, with or without food, as a maintenance dose after an initial titration period.

Active SPMS is the early stage of SPMS that follows relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS): In SPMS:

  • Your disability is still increasing but you have fewer relapses. Your disability steadily gets worse.
  • Active lesions appearing on your MRI may have decreased (but your MS may still be worsening).
  • Your MS symptoms are worsening or lasting longer between relapses.

Roughly 80% of patients with RRMS eventually transition to SPMS.

How does Mayzent work in MS?

Mayzent is classified as a sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulator. How siponimod exerts therapeutic effects in multiple sclerosis is not fully known, but may involve reduction of lymphocyte (white blood cell) migration into the central nervous system.

Mayzent will not cure MS, but it can help to decrease the frequency of relapse symptoms. Mayzent is used only if you have a specific CYP2C9 genotype. Your doctor will test you for this genetic type of MS.

Mayzent clinical studies

In the pivotal Phase III EXPAND study, a placebo-controlled clinical trial of 1,651 patients with SPMS, Mayzent significantly lowered disease progression at 3 months by 21%, as well as the number of relapses and physical and cognitive decline. However, in patients with non-active SPMS, the results were not statistically significant.

The most common side effects in patients receiving Mayzent include headache, high blood pressure and elevations in liver function lab tests.

If you have certain heart risk factors, for example a history of heart attacks or heart failure, you may need to be monitored for a period of 6 hours after taking your first dose of Mayzent. An electrocardiogram (ECG), a test that measures the electrical activity of your heartbeat, should be conducted at the end of this observation period.

Is there a generic for Mayzent?

Mayzent is currently only available as a brand name drug. The generic version known as siponimod, which is typically more affordable, is not expected until 2024 or later.

The earliest a generic may be available is May 2024, but this is always subject to change based on patent challenges or other manufacturer issues.

Bottom Line

  • Mayzent is an expensive drug used for various forms of multiple sclerosis. However, many people are eligible for financial assistance from Novartis, the manufacturer of Mayzent. Novartis offers a $0 copay card for eligible patients with commercial insurance. Call 1-877-MAYZENT (1-877-629-9368) for more information.
  • In addition, Medicare will usually cover this drug subject to your copay. However, your costs are always subject to change yearly.
  • Mayzent is currently only available as a brand name drug, and a generic is not expected until 2024 or later.

This is not all the important information you need to know about Mayzent effectiveness and safety. Speak with your health care provider about this medication and review the full prescribing and patient information here.

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