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How do you use Seebri Neohaler?

Medically reviewed by Leigh Ann Anderson, PharmD. Last updated on March 27, 2023.

Official answer

  • Seebri Neohaler is given as a inhalation (that you breath in) from a special device. Ask your health care provider to teach you how to use this device.
  • One capsule that comes in the package with the Neohaler Inhaler is placed inside the device prior to inhaling the medicine; the capsule is NOT to be swallowed. Do not place a capsule in the mouthpiece of the Neohaler inhaler.
  • Only use the Seebri capsules with the Neohaler inhaler device.

After you inhale your dose, open the inhaler to be sure your full dose has been taken. Check that no powder is left in the capsule. If the capsule is empty, you have received 1 full dose.

Specific instructions on how to use the Seebri Neohaler are also found in the package labeling.

Seebri Neohaler (generic name: glycopyrrolate) is an inhalation powder medication used in adult patients 18 years and older with the lung disease known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Seebri Neohaler is not used to treat sudden breathing problems of COPD. Always have a short-acting beta2-agonist medicine (a rescue inhaler like albuterol) with you to treat sudden symptoms of COPD. If you do not have a rescue inhaler, contact your doctor to have one prescribed for you.

Use one Seebri capsule inhaled through the Neohaler Inhaler two times each day (one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening). Do not use two capsules at once.

This is not all the information you need to know about Seebti (glycopyrrolate) Neohaler for safe and effective use and does not take the place of talking to your doctor about your treatment. Review the full Seebri Neohaler information here, and discuss this information and any questions you have with your doctor or other health care provider.


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