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Adiana: No longer available?

It's true the Adiana system for female sterilization isn't available anymore. But, women who've already had the system implanted can rest easy. The manufacturer stopped producing the Adiana system for financial reasons, not because there were any problems or safety concerns with the system.

The Adiana system was a type of permanent birth control for women. The Adiana system included two small silicone pieces that were placed in the fallopian tubes. After several months, scar tissue formed around the silicone inserts, blocking the fallopian tubes and preventing sperm from reaching an egg.

The Adiana system still provides permanent contraception for women who previously had the system placed in their fallopian tubes.

For women interested in this type of birth control, the Essure system works in a similar manner and is still available. The Essure system includes small metal and fiber coils that are placed in the fallopian tubes. These coils create scar tissue to block the fallopian tubes.

Last updated: February 4th, 2015

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