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Coagulation Factor VIII , Human (rDNA)


Ph. Eur.

ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


Therapeutic Categories

Hemostatic agent

Blood coagulation factor substitute

Foreign Names

  • Factor VIII coagulationis humanus (ADNr) (Latin)
  • Blutgerinnungsfaktor VIII (rDNA) vom Menschen (German)
  • Facteur VIII de coagulation humain (ADNr) (French)

Generic Names

  • Antihemophilic factor VIII, recombinant human (IS)
  • Coagulation Factor VIII, Recombinant (IS)
  • Factor VIII (IS: rDNA)
  • rAHF (IS)
  • Blutgerinnungsfaktor VIII (rDNA) vom Menschen (PH: Ph. Eur. 6)
  • Dried Factor VIII (rDNA) (PH: BP 2010)
  • Facteur VIII de coagulation humain (ADNr) (PH: Ph. Eur. 6)
  • Factor VIII coagulationis humanus (ADNr) (PH: Ph. Eur. 6)
  • Human coagulation factor VIII (rDNA) (PH: Ph. Eur. 6)
  • Moroctocog Alfa (OS: BAN, DCF)
  • Octocog Alfa (OS: BAN, DCF)
  • Octocog Alfa (Genetical Recombination) (OS: JAN)
  • Blood-coagulation factor VIII (human), glycoform α (IS)
  • Rurioctocog Alfa (Genetical Recombination) (OS: JAN)
  • Ruriokutokoguarufa (IS)

Brand Names

  • Advate
    Baxter, Slovenia
  • Recombinate
    Baxter, Slovenia
  • ReFacto
    Biovitrum, Norway; Wyeth, Austria; Wyeth, Australia; Wyeth, Belgium; Wyeth, Czech Republic; Wyeth, Germany; Wyeth, Denmark; Wyeth, Spain; Wyeth, Finland; Wyeth, France; Wyeth, Greece; Wyeth, Hungary; Wyeth, Iceland; Wyeth, Italy; Wyeth, Luxembourg; Wyeth, Netherlands; Wyeth, Norway; Wyeth, New Zealand; Wyeth, Portugal; Wyeth, Slovenia; Wyeth, Slovakia; Wyeth, United States; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom
  • ReFacto AF
    Biovitrum, Sweden; Pfizer, Switzerland; Wyeth, Sweden
  • 8Y Factor VIII
    Sodhan, Turkey
  • 8Y
    Galenica, Greece; Paylos, Argentina
  • Aafact
    Sanquin, Netherlands
  • Advate
    Baxter, Austria; Baxter, Australia; Baxter, Belgium; Baxter, Canada; Baxter, Switzerland; Baxter, Czech Republic; Baxter, Germany; Baxter, Denmark; Baxter, Spain; Baxter, Finland; Baxter, France; Baxter, United Kingdom; Baxter, Greece; Baxter, Hungary; Baxter, Iceland; Baxter, Luxembourg; Baxter, Netherlands; Baxter, Norway; Baxter, New Zealand; Baxter, Slovakia; Baxter, United States; Baxter-RM, Italy
    Baxter, Sweden
  • Antihemophilic Factor
    Teva, Israel
  • Berirab
    IFET, Greece
  • Biostate
    CSL Limited Bioplasma Division, Australia
  • Czynnik VIII
    Imed, Poland
  • Dried Factor VIII Fraction
    BPL, Bahrain; BPL, Lithuania; BPL, Latvia; BPL, Malta; BPL, Oman
  • Emoclot D.I.
    Kedrion, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Kedrion, Georgia; Kedrion, Serbia; Pharma Riace, Russian Federation
  • Emoclot
    Kedrion, Bulgaria; Kedrion, Italy; Kedrion, Malta; Onko-Koçsel, Turkey
  • Factane
    CAF-DCF, Belgium; Er-Kim, Turkey; L.F.B., Luxembourg; LFB, France; LFB, Tunisia
  • Feiba
    Baxter, Bulgaria
  • Fibrogammin
    IFET, Greece
  • Haemate P (Coagulation Factor VIII , Human (rDNA) and Von Willebrand Factor)
    ZLB Behring, Belgium
  • Helixate Nexgen
    Csl Behring, Spain; Csl Behring, France
  • Helixate
    Bayer, Belgium; Bayer, Denmark; Bayer, Greece; Bayer, Iceland; Bayer, United States; Bayer AG, Luxembourg; Bayer Healthcare, Austria; Bayer Schering, Netherlands; Bayer-D, Italy; CSL Behring, Canada; CSL Behring, Switzerland; CSL Behring, Germany; CSL Behring, United States
  • Helixate NexGen
    CSL Behring, United Kingdom; CSL Behring, Norway; CSL Behring, Sweden
  • Immunate
    Baxter, Estonia
  • Kogenate Bayer
    Bayer, Bulgaria; Bayer, Czech Republic; Bayer, Germany; Bayer, Denmark; Bayer, Spain; Bayer, Finland; Bayer, Greece; Bayer, Croatia (Hrvatska); Bayer, Ireland; Bayer, Norway; Bayer, Slovenia; Bayer Healthcare, Austria; Bayer Santé, France; Bayer Schering, Netherlands
  • KOGENATE Bayer
    Bayer, Sweden
  • Kogenate
    Bayer, Belgium; Bayer, Canada; Bayer, Germany; Bayer, United Kingdom; Bayer, Hungary; Bayer, Ireland; Bayer, Italy; Bayer, New Zealand; Bayer, Portugal; Bayer, Taiwan; Bayer, United States; Bayer AG, Luxembourg; Schering, Georgia
  • Kogenate FS
    Bayer Schering, Indonesia; Bayer Yakuhin, Japan
  • Kogenate SF
    Bayer, Switzerland
  • Octanate
    Octapharm, Belgium
  • Octocog Alpha Bayer
    Bayer, Switzerland
  • Recombinate Lyfjaver
    Lyfjaver, Iceland
  • Recombinate
    Agmar, Croatia (Hrvatska); Baxter, Argentina; Baxter, Australia; Baxter, Belgium; Baxter, Switzerland; Baxter, Germany; Baxter, Denmark; Baxter, Finland; Baxter, France; Baxter, Greece; Baxter, Hong Kong; Baxter, Hungary; Baxter, Iceland; Baxter, Lithuania; Baxter, Luxembourg; Baxter, Latvia; Baxter, New Zealand; Baxter, Sweden; Baxter, Slovakia; Baxter, Taiwan; Baxter, United States; Baxter Healthcare-USA, Italy
  • Tisseel Lyo (Coagulation Factor VIII , Human (rDNA) and Fibrinogen)
    Baxter, Switzerland
  • Wilate (Coagulation Factor VIII , Human (rDNA) and Von Willebrand Factor)
    Octapharm, Belgium
  • Xyntha
    Wyeth, United States
  • Advate
    Baxter, Japan
  • Recombinate
    Baxter, Japan


BANBritish Approved Name
DCFDénomination Commune Française
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Ph. Eur.European Pharmacopoeia

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