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Image Results for "S 113"

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Acetaminophen, Butalbital and Caffeine IL 3657

IL 3657

EndaCof Tab LL 35

LL 35

  • Drug: EndaCof Tab
  • Strength: guaifenesin 300 mg / hydrocodone bitartrate 2.5 mg
  • Pill Imprint: LL 35
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Capsule-shape
Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Bitartrate IL 3658

IL 3658

Allopurinol I 135

I 135

  • Drug: Allopurinol
  • Strength: 100 mg
  • Pill Imprint: I 135
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Capsule-shape
Gabapentin E511 E511

E511 E511

Silodosin SIL 8 mg

SIL 8 mg

  • Drug: Silodosin
  • Strength: 8 mg
  • Pill Imprint: SIL 8 mg
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Capsule-shape
Rosuvastatin Calcium SG 118

SG 118

Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine Extended Release 1185 N

1185 N

Pemazyre I 13.5

I 13.5

  • Drug: Pemazyre
  • Strength: 13.5 mg
  • Pill Imprint: I 13.5
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Round
Atazanavir Sulfate Amneal 100 mg 1135

Amneal 100 mg 1135


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