I am a small yorkie breeder in south nj..I have two yorkies (male fixed, female mother of a litter now placed in new homes)

I am having an issue with my female, leaving my vet baffled..wondering if anyone has any past experience with this and hoping for suggestions.

My female yorkie has had what appears to be conjuctivitis in both her eyes for a total of about 8 months now..some days worse than others and if left untreated for a day her eyes will crust shut.

I first treated her by first cleaning and sterilizing her eyes gently with saline and a cotton ball, then by applying an ointment that was a weak dose of antibiotic (due to the fact that she was pregnant and then nursing)

After weeks of doing this, it looked better but still had to be applied daily to keep the gunk for building up..I continued with the cleaning with saline after the dosing as directed was complete.

Then we tried Clavamox twice daily for 7 days. This was no help.

Now we are currently trying Ventro-Gen 3 times a day for 10 days..however this is the 10th day and she still has her eyes pussing from the cornea and her eyes are squinting.

I did some research on Dry eye, but I really dont feel that is it.
And there is no cherry eye. I figured if it were bacterial conjuctivitis it would have cleared by now. My other dogs have never had this so i dont believe it to be contagious.

I am at a loss here..she seems comfortable otherwise, not pawing at her eyes and she seems to be extremly tolerant of it from day one.

Any suggestions of somethings i can look into would be appreciated.

She is no longer nursing and i will not be breeding her from here.
She is 2 years old.
Weighing aprox 7lbs.