Hi people im struggling with xanax withdrawral and would be much appreciative of any advice.

I am a 26 y.o male, have been suffering anxiety and panic attacks for around a year now. Have been taking approx 2mg to 4 mg Xanax daily for the past year. Just over a month ago i decided to drop my xanax intake from 2-4mg daily to 0.5mg daily. I did this for 2 weeks then went cold turkey.

When i went cold turkey i went through a living hell for about a week and a half but then the withdrawal symptoms slowly started to ease off. For the last week they have been tolerable and somedays almost unnoticable but for the last 3 days they have all come back again. Anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, headaches, tight muscles and the one that bothers me the most which is me feeling really slow and dazy.

First question - Has anybody experienced the slowness in thier head, sort of like feeling like your not in controll of what your doing and that ur just real stupid. Sometimes i cant even think of what to say in a coversation. And how long did you experience this for??

Second Question - Is it normal for withdrawal symptoms to ease off for abit then come back and hit you a second time. Please any stories with your experince with this would be very very appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys