A friend of mine didn't go to the methadone for 4 days she was on 80 mgs and after the 4 days and being extremly sick she took an 8 mg strip and 20 minutes later she was fine. Three days later she is still ok and plans on staying on suboxone and never will go back to the meth clinic. I'm on 45mg and need to get off asap because of an opportunity i have that will be gone if i dont get off the meth now. This is a first hand story i saw it with my own eyes, not a story i heard through the grape vine. After all the research I've done i'm confused, a friend told me stepping off at 45 will not be a problem as long as i'm sick when i do it. Is that true, what is the story with having to be on 30mgs, is that a set rule, obviously, its not necessary in every case. I'm confused and am reaching out for opinions all would be welcome and appreciated greatly.