I am dong pretty good yesterday was a sort of rough day the weather was yucky and made me feel yucky it is true if its a day where you can get out do so because being in the house all day on a rainy nasty day sure made me feel icky but I'm here making it two days till my Birthday!!!!!! Its going to feel so good being sober and being with all my sober friends I lived a double life for so long and when my sober friends noticed the signs they we're the ones who pushed me to get clean deff not my user friends but I'm feel some much better than I did on them they actually made me have pain in places I never had pain like my joints and my kidneys stayed messed up I'm hoping today is a better day and I'm praying Thursday is really good I am looking forward to seeing all my good friends and family and not have to use to have fun thank you to my girl Ready4change12 you have kept me gong I'm truly thankful for your encouragement you and I are basically on the same day in our recovery its great to know I have someone who really knows where I am cause you are there too thank to all I'm pulling for everyone here you Can Do It and you will love yourself for it when you are back to your self again stronger than ever