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Roxicodone or Oxycodone?
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    Default Roxicodone or Oxycodone?

    I've been a little confused on this subject. I thought they were the same thing, but on one forum, people said that they preferred a 30mg Roxicodone to a 40mg oxycodone. I have boughten Roxicodone before from a kid i know, and the prescription says roxicodone, but i google imaged the pill and it matches an oxycodone.

    Is there a difference between the pills? if there isnt, how come some people prefer 30mg Roxi's to 40mg oxy's?

    And how do i know if what i'm buying is truly Roxi's instead of just oxy's?

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    If I were you I would not be speaking so openly about buying narcotics from people. These sites are monitored by DEA and they can trace you by your IP number. If your not prescribed the meds your obviously doing it to get high. Maybe I am wrong. Not judging.

    Oxycodone and Roxicodone is the same thing. Roxicodone is a generic for Oxycodone. Maybe they are talking about Oxycontin which are timed release. If you chew them up it releases a greater amount of Oxycodone into your system.

    But like I said, this forum really is for people who are trying to get off meds/drugs. Keep your recreational use to yourself. Just trying to help. God Bless.

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    Default Roxicodone >> Oxycodone

    There is no difference. When you mentioned a 40mg, that is Oxycontin a 12 hr time released pain reliever. A 30mg Roxicet or Roxicodone is it's highest strength. Oxycontin came out as a 12 hr long term in the blood >>>>>> (it's half life) to where Roxicodone has a very short half life some Dr.s say in minutes and feels like it is gone from your system and no longer relieves pain therefore must be taken every 4-6 hours whereas Oxycontin is meant to be a 12 hour pain reliever.
    I hope this differentiates Roxicodone or Oxycodone over Oxycontin which you mentioned was a 40mg tab. Used to be a yellowish color. Now they of a gel form thus keeping people from breaking them down to snort or IV injecting.

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