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orange pill,TL211??????
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    Exclamation orange pill,TL211??????

    my best friend's nephew brought his friend to her house the other day, that boys mother gave my friend a bag of pills saying to my friend, "give these all to him to make him sleep". i have identified all but the little round orange pill, imprint TL 211. i cannot find it anywhere. can anyone help me find out what it is? we did NOT give the child these friend didn't know what they were so, we put them up out of reach in a cabinet over the counter. pleasse let me know if you can tell me what they are?!!!! the other pills were 600 mil. ibuprofin, perscription pepcid, and an antihistimine.

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    TL 211 is 5mg Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), a muscle relaxant

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