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babyblue, round, MSJ, very small,
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    Default babyblue, round, MSJ, very small,

    These pills are from the streets of Sweden. Babyblue color, round, With the text " MSJ " on one side and the breakingline on the other. One pill weights about 0,07 - 0,08 grams. The man who gave me these sad they where 10 mg Valium. As I understand they dont sell Valium in Sweden no more. I guess they are some sort of diazepam but I want to know the name.

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    Default MSJ The best diazepam I EVER had.

    Once a friend sold me some diazepam, and you know what addicts are like cant trust them (Im one so I can say that :-)

    So he tells me he has these vallies, no description, so Im expecting APS or Coxs or Ardins or some ******** and he hands me 20 or 30 of these msj['s

    Ive been told they are sweedish pharmacuticals but also been told the were madein sweeden on the black market and they guy was putting 30mg of diazepam in it. I dont know my "friend" rekons he tested them and the lowest one came back at 8mg and the strongest came back at 30 mgs- I cant be sure but I do know for sure, they were FAR stronger than Roche, Aps or Coxes by a LONG way - ppl were talking about crushing them down chopping them into thirds, filling them with filler and re pressing them and selling them as 10 mgs and trippling your money that way, since at the time msjs were £1 just like any other vallie is. Now of course they are £3 each.

    I love these msjs. A lot of what I said is stuff my friend told me, so dont quote me on it all, but I do know they are very strong, atleast the ones I go were.

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