I was put on Effexor XR after suffering with stress/burnout. I was originally on 20mgs Prozac and decided to come off a few months later started to suffer anxiety. Was put on and off other A/D's and abrupt W/D's which made anxiety a lot, lot worse. I guess I come off Prozac too quick.
I was also put on the A/D whilst on 4mg Lorazepam which I switchedover to the Ashton Manual. Managed to get off 1mg Lorazepam, How I ended up on such a high doseof 225mg Effexor XR. It has been suggested to me that the burning and neurological pain I am getting is through Effexor Xr. It is doable by some and I have no choice as I have pain which get's worse through the day and I have stopped my taper of Diazepam because it has been impossible. Worsening P.M.S and emotionally bad after period starts.
One lady I have been in contact with opened the capsules and counted out so many granules and it has worked for her BUT she DID leave the Effexor XR until last it will be physically impossible for me to taper off whilst on Effexor XR. I think I have alway's had side effect's but it has got significantly worse. I think the Effexor XR made me a lot worse physically, but mentally okay. It just really aches around my neck and shoulder's and stiffening muscles in my neck and shoulder's.
Another British Withdrawal site also suggested that I was tapering Effexor XR far too quick. She say's that it could not be the Venlafaxine interdose just too quick Diazepam taper and that Effexor was another site anyway. I think it is just the side effect's of Effexor XR I have not had too much anxiety just more pain. Or though it has been recognised that people on benzo's suffer more pain than people not on A/D they suffer the depression more.
Hope this makes sense
Tess PLEASE HELP so I know what I am talking about when I go to G.P's.