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Pfizer Aricept Assistance
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    Default Pfizer Aricept Assistance

    Aricept® Patient Assistance Program was developed by Pfizer and Eisai Inc. for those U.S. residents without prescription drug coverage through either public or private insurance and who fall within certain income criteria.

    As an additional service, Pfizer and Eisai Inc. have established a computer database called the Community Resources for Alzheimer 's disease to help identify federal, state, and local programs that may provide services to the elderly and/or patients with Alzheimer's disease and their families.

    This service is available to patients through physician offices. Physicians interested in utilizing the program should call 800-226-2072.
    Aricept® is a registered trademark of Eisai Co., Ltd. and is co promoted in the U.S. by Pfizer Inc and Eisai Inc.
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