hello all... i've been meaning to post this link that i found on an old post regarding a suggestion to check out this MD/Naturapath doctors website (it was at the bottom of a post from a few years ago w/ the Thomas Recipe, can't remember who the person was)......altho' the article is dated back to march 05, it is filled w/ a lot of helpful info on supplements/vitamins, for/after detoxing, from anything....i went to my local pharmacy where there was a huge sale of buy one get one free sale and was able to get most of the basics pretty cheap and have included these w/ my Suboxone/Subutex for the past 23 days....and i think it has made a difference in many areas....especially w/ mood, energy, w/d's, detoxing liver, brain, etc....i did have to order a few things on-line that my local stores didn't have (like; "L-Glutamine" ( good for cravings and helps to slow things down in the brain...and "Adrenal Support": good for fatigue and anxiety)...but the rest of what he rec' i could find locally...anyway, this isn't any endorsement for anything, just some input for anyone out there who might find this of interest or help, like i did....

anyway, if anyone wants to read this link from the post i was referring too, i thought i would put it up again to save all of you for searching for it;

and even tho' it is directed at methadone, he does include alcohol and all drugs in general....he even has a website for some of these vitamins/supplements, if you can't find them locally, it's called;
if nothing else, all of this might give some of you some ideas for your own supplement regime, if you are inclined....and i'm always open to any suggestions/ideas that have worked for any of you out there as well...
peace, lilly

peace, lilly