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Protonix/False positive THC urine drug test
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    Default Protonix/False positive THC urine drug test

    I have been taking Protonix 40 mg once daily for the past 3 years to treat symptoms of GERD, Crohns Disease and hiatial hernia I also have severe degenerative disc disease, arthritis in spine and neck.I go to a pain management center for treatment of the spine and neck problems.I receive steroid injections in affected joints, spinal blocks and prescriptions for narcotic analgesics to alleviate my pain.In order to receive narcotic prescriptions,I have to pass urine drug screens at every office visit,which I have passed every time for the last 4 years-UNTIL this past week,when my drug screen showed positive for THC.I know that it is possible for the Protonix to cause a false positive THC,and I have provided my physicians with copies of the printout from the pharmacy stating this fact,what I cant understand is WHY I would test positive now after so many years of taking this med ?The only med I have taken that is different from my regular daily regimen is Augmentin 875 mg twice daily for past 2 weeks to treat upper respiratory/sinus/ear infection.Has this ever happened to anyone else taking Protonix,or does anyone know if the antibiotic could have caused an increased absorption of the med to somehow cause the positive THC result?My dr didnt give me the rx for pain med due to bad test and I have to wait 30 more days to be tested again.I am in a great deal of pain now and appreciate any advice/help I can get.
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