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Ongoing, Minor sleeping problem
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    Default Ongoing, Minor sleeping problem

    For over a year now, I keep having this problem where I cant sleep one night.. I read where It has these medicines that help you when your can't sleep any night. That is not my problem. I have always just about 1 night a week, where I can't seem to shut my mind off, and I just lie awake all night long trying to sleep... It seems to be the same basic scenario, Im laying in bed, I feel tired, Im ready to sleep, but a million thoughts are running through my head. The most common thing however, is 1 random line, in one random song keeps playing in my head over, and over, and over untill morning, where its still playing... Is there anything I can take for these once a week occurrences?

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    Post Help Is Available...

    Sounds like a good ol' case of Restless Mind. Sure, there are prescription medications out there to help but in your case, these would be useless for the other six nights a week that you sleep just fine (not to mention a waste of money).

    Restless Mind sucks. You basically lay, ready to sleep, with thoughts running out-of-control. Bed-time is usually the wrong time to think. Trust me, I know. I suffer from anxiety issues so what you're dealing with is something I do...almost constantly. In your case...a line from a your mind's inability to shut-down just enough to fall into baseline sleeping. Hell, I bet you lay there for hours sometimes.

    Here's some advice before resorting to OTC medications. First, limit your caffeine intake three to four hours before laying down. Second, try not to shower or take a bath near bedtime. Raising your body's core temperature via bathing can fool your body and mind into thinking it is time to be awake. Third, eating before bed is a no-no. Sleeping is time for your body to go into slow-motion. Everything slows down to a crawl. Crawling doesn't like digesting food I would try those suggestions.

    IF you find yourself still laying awake staring at the pretty lil' ceiling, try using an OTC sleep-aid. The main ingredient you're looking for is Diphenhydramine HCL. It's used for trouble sleeping as well as allergy problems (DHD is an anti-histamine as well).

    If all are used in conjuction, I think you'll find sleeping to come a little easier. Sometimes the mind needs to be reminded that you're trying to go to sleep.

    PS: Also, if you are doing any street drugs (cocaine, crack etc), I would cancel those out. Not only are they terrible for ya, they can also interfere with sleep habits.


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    If you are only talking about 1 night per week...... don't worry about it. Find some good movies on tv or listen to music, work out, etc.....

    Gee, I go through days of not sleeping; just to crash for 2-3 days to catch up on my sleep. I've chosen NOT to go on sleep medication BECAUSE though I MIGHT sleep through the night, I'm so tired the next morning; that it simply isn't worth it!!

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