Hey guys,

Not sure if anyone having problems sleeping during withdrawal or tapering has tried Alteril, but just thought I would recommend it. It has 4 mg Melantonin, L-Tryptophan, Valerian, L- Theanine and GABA. I have been using if for months now and couldn't be more pleased with it. You honestly do wake up feeling refreshed and I have found it to really have an impact on anxiety reduction. As I am tapering down, it has still been very helpful for me in getting off to sleep - although at the lower milligrams I wake up a couple times to use the restroom, but am able to fall right back asleep immediately.

I read a lot of threads about people using melantonin, but give this a shot. You may find the additional natural ingredients to seriously help with your mood - very serious about that. Also helps cut out that annoying anxiety.

I am not a doctor nor am I affiliated with Alteril. Just a fan of all those on this forum that are helping one another and will put in my two cents when I can.

I am looking forward to being off subutex within the next week / week and a half. Been on it at a very small dose for years so I am going down to zero before jumping.

God bless.