Some of you here may remember me I was on meth and got pregnant. I flipped flopped back and forth between my husband who, as bad as he is for me I still love very much, and the man who loves and takes care of me. I found out a few weeks ago the baby has a condition called gastrichis where there is no abdominal wall, which usually these babys can bve saved, but my baby seems to have the heart outside of the already small chest cavity. The first ob I went to told me the baby was not compatiblfor life. but the hosp. he works from also doesn't have the proper nicu or anything to handle this kind of delivery where westchester may be able even if the % is low. Please I need support and some feed back. CHRIS YOU OUT THERE YOU REALLY HELPED ME A LOT LAST SUMMER!!!!

"You can't always get what you want"