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Morphine side effects
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    Default Morphine side effects

    What kinds of side effects are associated with taking Morphine ER and morphine sulfate IR for long time. Has anyone experienced alot of weight gain or adominal swelling? Is it possible that a certain manufacturer's ingredients might cause extreme weight gain? (i.e. Mallinckodt; Morphine sulfate IR 30 mg)

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    Generally long term morphine use doesn't cause any problems. One thing that the weight gain could be from is inactivity.
    Morphine can cause you to have sugar cravings. So if your in a lot of pain and taking morphine, you may not be moving around to much.
    If you can get out and go for a walk twice a day it would be very beneficial. Walking promotes endorphin production which help us feel normal and happy.
    So if you can, get active, stay away from sweet binging and eat a high protien diet. Good luck and I hope your pain is under control......Dave

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