Statin ruined my life. My Achilles tendons went out, just finished physical Therapy, take spells of black urine-first time it lasted for almost 3 months. This time last year, I was jogging with my coonhounds. I had cramps so bad the doctor labeled them as seizures. I tend to dehydrate and have back spasms. The skin on my feet and legs are on fire. One of the NBC doctors said that she'd never take it, because it ruins the world of a healthy person. I get Emails and postings from others that have worse experiences.
#1-statin can cause diabetes.
#2-statin can destroy your kidneys-no creatine in lab work-and boom-kidneys gone
#3-statin causes extreme pain in joints and muscles.
#4-statin causes mental confusion-often misdiagnosed as Alzieimers.
#5-statin might ruin Achilles tendons within 9 months of starting statin.
#6-statin causes myopathy-kills muscles.
#7-statin keeps you from walking
#8-statin ruins your liver.
#9-statin problems R increased if you have thyroid problem
#10-the FDA keeps watering down the research results to make statins seem safe.