Uncontrolled bleeding is a major issue for physicians treating acute, traumatic wounds. There is now a product originally developed for the military that is now available to first responders and private consumers.

Z-Medica, a medical products company focused on innovative hemostatic, better known as "blood-clotting," technologies, have introduced new products for the consumer market. They have made Quikclot for several years which was available for the military. And, while the concept of the original QuikClot product was to quickly stop traumatic arterial & venous bleeding in combat and tactical situations, the new consumer product line -- including QuikClot Sport & QuikClot Sport Silver -- uses similar technology to provide acute bleeding first-aid in a variety of consumer settings: sport/outdoor adventure; work; home; school; or car. In addition, there are products available specifically to treat nosebleeds and there is even a product for pet use.

These products are all based on innovative, lifesaving hemostatic nano- technologies. They consist of "clotting sponges" that are inserted directly into a bleeding wound. Small and light enough to fit within any first aid kit, the product has 510k clearance from the FDA. The products are easily applied by anyone who can tear open a packet and follow simple written instructions.

I have personal experience with Quikclot that has involved use to stem severe bleeding by my mother, who uses Coumadin, a blood thinner. When she is cut or scratched, she bleeds profusely and the bleeding is very difficult to control. With Quikclot, she has been able to get the bleeding stopped very quickly and without the necessity to involve EMT's or the ER, which were previously needed. In addition, I have had occasion to use it on myself to handle a severe cut which I could not control with gauze and pressure. The new products are easier to use and contain an antibacterial to prevent infection. I now keep it in my medicine cabinet and my travel first aid kit.