Well, I've been on Xanax XR since January '11. It's only a 1mg, but that's probably good, since it's a twelve hour release. I have extremely high blood pressure; my average is normally 148/92, if I'm lucky. The highest it has ever been was 178/109, which the doctors would not let me go home because they were afraid of a stroke. Anyhow, I just now began to receive side effects of my medication, after a good five or so months. I began to get these awful migraines, like, migraines that I had never before experienced. I can always tell when they're coming on because I begin to feel nauseous, and sick to my stomach. Typically even lightheaded. The migraine starts at the back of my skull and works it's way into three different sides of my head. Left, right, and straight down the middle. It usually hurts to move my eyes, or move my head, and even to stand up and walk around. The only way I can cure them is by trying to sleep, and sometimes I have to take a Tylenol PM, or a Xanax (not extended release) to help me sleep. I visited my doctor today about my worsening condition, and she prescribed me Topamax. My Mom was concerned because she has epilepsy, and as a child, they portrayed her panic attacks and migraines as anxiety (which I also have). She's afraid I have it too, but I've been around strobe lights, and a lot of things epileptics cannot be around, and have been fine. So, I think my migraines might possibly be a side effect of the Xanax. However, the Xanax does not control my blood pressure. It just makes me feel relaxed, and IF I don't take it before 11 a.m. in the morning, I contract a horrible migraine. To cut to the chase, I'm afraid of being on the Topamax because of the side effects. I already have problems memorizing words, or spelling them out. I get writers block while writing essays now(because of the Xanax). I'm extremely drowsy all the time, and sometimes I feel like I'm completely on lithium, because I stare into space with my mouth hanging open. A MAJOR side effect of Topamax is weight loss. Last summer I went through severe depression and lost about 15 pounds. I was 130 then, I got down to 105, and looked extremely unhealthy. I'm back to 130ish now, and I am afraid I might get sick again. I mean, I would love for my migraines to go away, but jeeeez, I don't know if I can handle more side effects. Does anybody know what might happen when I combine these two medications? I haven't done it yet, and I don't think I will get my prescription until tommarow or so. It's a 25mg, and I think I take it twice a day; can't remember what she told me. But yes, any help, or advice?