I am already on my second GI doc and have only been diagnosed since april 2012. Looking for a understanding doc that knows what all effects UC has on our bodies instead of just trying to throw pills at us and tell us to deal with it.

Seems like I have ran into some that are in it just for the money and have no compassion for their patients. Yes, us UCer's get to talk about bloody stools, gas, pains, side effects from the medications etc ..... I want a doctor that is willing to talk back to me on a understanding level and give me the REAL FACTS instead of all this mumbojumbo. I know what we have to talk about with our disease is not a walk in the park but I need to know that I am getting compassion from my doctor that he or she really cares about my well being and getting me back to a normal life.

So the people of dayton and surrounding areas..... any sugguestions on doctors ?