2005 I had to hand surgeries, not altogether, just a few months apart from each other. With a lot of physical therapy. I had a condition were my fingers were web within. Then afterwords in 2007 I was diagnosed with endometriosis. A female condition which is very painful. Therefore I had a vaginal ablation. Which the doctor told me it may not have a long-term effect. Consequently it didn't. This condition left me in pain where I was bent over for days going back and forth to the emergency room, now you would think that would be it, unfortunately not. Now the doctors told me here recently I have arthritis the kind in the blood, which makes you cramp swell, and ach all over. I guess what I really want you to know, is how hard it is to get pain medication when people as myself really need it and others. I have a friend who goes to the veterans hospital, he had liver cancer, after which surgery and they will not give him enough medication, hydrocodone/OxyContin for his necessary pain. For years I have been through this same situation. Pain management doctors just taken my insurance and not giving the necessary medication to relieve my pain.

Now I just want others to know I have finally got some good pain management doctors here in the Dallas Texas area. Which gives me the threefold help I need. Shots were the pain is directly. Abundance of medication hydrocodone/OxyContin
in addition to this physical therapy.

Now I feel like I can live again. How ever I want to help others who have endured the same situation. People don't understand how blessed they are not to be in pain. And they need to know what others go through who are.

If you would like information about these doctors and their treatments
please e-mail me, sundiescott@gmail.com

or call if you like 214-909-0634
I hope this information helps a lot of people
by the way, its very important to get the right primary care Dr.
I found this to be the key point of getting the right HELP

good luck