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Bactrim for Acne
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    Default Bactrim for Acne

    About a month ago, my doctor prescribed bactrim to me for my acne. Now I was skeptical at first because it seemed like I had tried every other drug without them working, so I just assumed it would be the same with this one. Now my acne was by no means severe, but what was severe was how it effected my self esteem. When I had been on bactrim for 2 and a half weeks, I was already starting to see results, now, a month later, my acne outbreaks are far, far less severe than they were, and not nearly as often, it actually wored quite well for me. I would recommend anyone with acne who feels like they have tried everything to ask their doc about Bactrim.

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    Default 3days to recover from acne, Eczema and Psoriasis by CSDCC chinese herbal cream

    CSDCC cream is made from an ancient recipy very effective to dermatitis.
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