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    I have adhd and im on 30 mgs of the short acting adderall it seems to work great but my doc wants to put me on the xr once he gets the dosage right i am only on adderall a month and i would appcaite any feed back which works better i know that everyone respnses differntly but any help would be great

    thank you

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    I have a milder form of ADHD (that is probably the product of my reckless years of marijuana use) although I have never had a prescription for it, I have taken Adderall XR and Adderall frequently,but XR more than immediate release.

    Immediate release is a non-coated, pressed powder tablet that immediately dissolves into your bloodstream. Adderall Extended Release (XR) is a capsule full of thousands of tiny beads of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine sulfate.

    If you take a 20-milligram XR, it will release ten milligrams every four hours. They are eight-hour release, so if you were to take forty milligrams, it would give you twenty milligrams each four hours. The reason ist hat they are largely intended for school children making it through an eight-hour day of learning.

    Immediate release allows all of the pill to be dissolved into your bloodstream immediately. It is prescribed more to adults, whereas XR is for young adults and children, due in part to the large amount of amphetamine released all at once, which may be too strong for a child's little body.

    Extended release is the beter option I think, not just in theory, but because it is my preference. It is much easier to overdose on immediate release, and also XR will keep you going all day instead of having to take a ten- milligram pill three times a day, you only have to take one thirty milligram XR once a day. It's my personal preference.

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    I am on Adderal XR 20mgs and personaly I hate it, I have been on the non extended release in the past and ive found that the side effects from the XR seem to be worse for me. I cant sleep at night, I get ticks, I become like a zombie, I get stomache upset, and I cant eat. You may want to try it and see what you think and if it doesnt work out for you your doctor can always switch you back.
    Best of luck

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