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What a day! Wow.. The day i really decide to STOP my friend ODs and dies..
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    Unhappy What a day! Wow.. The day i really decide to STOP my friend ODs and dies..

    I made a post the other day. I have been in and out of this site so much over the past couple of years. I mentioned that I felt more ready than ever to be done. I thought I was serious about it, now I KNOW this is IT..

    Well, I woke up yesterday feeling great just knowing it was the day that I would always remember. I am done letting opiates control me. Not realizing that this will be a day that haunts me for the rest of my life. So I'm outside painting my nails and enjoying the warm weather, thinking about trying to get to a NA meeting. Planning on calling my friend Nate to see if he feels like going with me. My boyfriend came out saying that his friend called and he needed my bf to get there asap.. he couldn't say what was wrong on the phone. We would have never in a million years guessed why at that moment. My boyfriends best friend, and one of my top 3 friends was found dead from a pill overdose. Yes, Nate. From the pieces I heard from his mom it was diaudid, morphine, and sleeping pills. He is 34. We are fairly new to this pill thing and have been doing stuff together for around 5 years. I have been so upset and crying that I haven't even had much of a chance to recognize my withdrawal, except for the fact that I can't sleep. At this point I don't care if I sleep. It will come. I am heartbroken. Now, this may sound weird, and it may be. My mom died in 2004 at 43 years old from a tylenol overdose from vicodin, tylenol 4, and percocet. I developed my problem about 2 years after her death. *i did start because of legit pain and it we all know how that story unfolds* I always knew in the back of my mind and openly talked about my mom and that i can't end up following her foot steps. At the same time, it wasn't enough to make me really stop the abuse. Nate's death has already, behind my tears, given me so much more strenght in this fight. My life will never be the same without him. I can't be the next one to put my kids and people who love me through finding me in a similar way.

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    hey i know how that is in my post same thing happened but my friends both commited sucide since they could no longer take the lifestyle of pills it is such a bad sickness i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy i know how hard it will be to stop but you will be better to stop now its a good as time as ever and im gona try to stop soon to so best of luck any questions let me know i will try to help

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