I have asthma which requires me to take an occasional 4-5 day burst (60-40-20-10-5mg)of Prednisone when needed. I also take Prednisone for my arthritis. My arthritis Dr. has me on 5mg of prednisone currently. I tapered down from 20mg (1mg aweek) for the past 15 weeks. My problem is I had to go to a larger dose for my asthma and am now at 20mgs for the past week. I guess my question is do I have to taper off again at 1mg per week or can I drop down 20-15-10-and then to 5mg and if so do I have to spread this taper by weeks or can I do it by days, till I return to my 5mgs aday. Thanks for any imput regarding this situation. trojan-man