Now you are going to have to be stuborn as &$@# and just go for it. I was on Suboxone (8 mg) for 16 months and like most people that are taking Suboxone in recovery you will get to a point where Suboxone irritates the F*#@ out of you. I too was on Xanax (1-4mg) for the past 16 months. I wasn't sure what to expect, I just knew that I didn't want to be on either meds anymore. So here is what I did.

Day 1-5 Went cold turkey from Suboxone only. (Fortunately I had previously tapered down to 1 mg of xanax.) Thru this period I was taking 25 mgs Seroquel, 200mg of Trazadone and 1mg of xanax all at nite.

Day 6 Withdrawals got annoying and took 2mg of Suboxone, 1/2 mg of xanax, 25mg Seroquel, 200 mg Trazadone.

Day 7-9 I took 1/2 mg xanax, 25 mg Seroquel, 200mg Trazadone and 100mg of Gabapintin/Neurontin (For Benzo withdrawals)

Day 10 0.5mg Suboxone, 50mg Seroquel, 200mg Trazadone, 100mg Neurontin.

Day 11-14 50mg Seroquel, 100mg Neurontin, 200mg Trazadone.

Day 15 50 mg Seroquel, 0.25mg Suboxone, 0.25 xanax, 200mg Trazadone

Day 16-20 50 Seroquel and 400mg Trazadone

Day 21-23 300mg Trazadone

Day 24 Got off Trazadone.

Day 25 Lisinopril Htcz for High Blood Pressure w/ds give you. And don't need to take it all the time.

Now I know this sounds like a tedious process, however I was able to work most of the time with most major w/d symptoms done by end of week 2.

Suboxone is not something to be affraid to get off of. Dr.s are getting bad at just handing out this ******** for something as minor as Vicodin withdrawal. I am not going to knock it, it helped. In the end it turned out using it bothered me just as bad as H did. I just don't like being hooked on S#%*. If you are using it any longer than a month and think you just want to stay on it, you are hooked. Hate to break it to ya.