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what does a "diluted" test resulte mean?
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    Smile what does a "diluted" test resulte mean?

    I am currenly on a mmt at a clinic where we give urine tests every month. A woman told me recently, that she drinks so much water that her results came out "diluted". Then they took away her take homes without re-testing.
    So I asked a nurse,[who was rushed at the time] about this, and I also explained to her at my testing time last month I couldn't "pee" right away, so i went home and drank almost a half a gallon of juice, and then a large starbuck's coffee. I had had no problems concerning dilution in my results. So I posed this question to her, how much of an intake of fluids can a person take daily without worrying about diluted test results. Which apparently have the same effects as a dirty test. First she answered, I'm not sure, everyone is different, and went on to say that a diluted test result was not necessarilary the cause of too much fluid imbibed. I intend to ask my counselor, but more often than not, at these clinics you recieve so much conflicting or outright false info., that I was wondering if anyone out there could clear the situation up for me. I would greatfully appreciate it, Diana

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    Basically, it's after you've drank so much water your urine is no longer yellow, so it really depends on your weight and how well hydrated you are, of course a diluted test could also be from the addition of water in the sample.

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    From what I understand, dilution shouldn't be a problem with drug detection. These tests are just testing for the presence of certain drugs, diluted or not. You shouldnt be penalized for drinking a venti size Starbucks prior to giving a sample.
    Dilution can affect how many parts per million in which the drug exists, but that can vary based on liquid consumption. So I dont think its anything to worry about, unless they specifically tell you not to drink a certain amount of liquid in a given timeframe.

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