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Phenobarbital and ?
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    Default Phenobarbital and ?

    can you tell me why they use Phenobarbital in rehab detox centers. also, there is another drug, that starts with a S that they use. what is it and why is it used? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Phenobar is used to prevent the seizures that can occur during withdrawal from heavy drugs and narcotics. They can be dangerous causing brain, and other organ damage.

    I believe the other drug you are referring to is Suboxone, this is used to help slowly taper from the other drugs, because it has less side effects, but still prevents pain, and many of the other problems that arise from withdrawal. It also contains an opiod agonist to prevent people from being able to take other drugs as well, it stops the high by neutralizing them. It is also much safer than Methadone, and you can taper off of it, instead of staying on a lifelong maintenance dose as most people end up doing with methadone.

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