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otc sleep aids
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    Default otc sleep aids

    hi i need sleeping pills i cant get more than an hour of sleep at a time and i dont want to visit the doctor but thats not my problem. my question is: im afraid i will buy the wrong kind and wont wake up if there is an emergency. i have a young child. what sleep aids should i avoid that will keep me from being able to be woken? thanx

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    Go see your doctor,there is nothing otc that will work well.....Dave

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    Dave's in Canada, so I'm not sure if they have the same OTC meds there, as we do in the US. I now use Ambien and Ambien CR, but before I got those from my doc, I use to buy OTC Diphenhydromine, 50 mg. Not all stores carry it in the generic form, but this is the same ingrediant they use in Benedryl, and several sleep aids, like Nytol, etc. They usually only use 25 mg in them. I use to take up to 100 mg at bedtime, but you could get by with less, I'm sure.

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