Hello all!

I currently have a spinal injury, for about 5 months my ex doctor had me on solely Percorset...within those 5 months my prescription increased from 5/325 4 times a day to 10/325 4 to 6 times a day. Last month I finally found a great doctor that actually had the same back problem as I did and she added some muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory to the mix.... everything was great until this weekend.... I was in soooo much pain that I ended up doubling up on my pain meds just take the edge off..as of today I have no more pills left and to say the least I am going through a lot of pain on top of withdrawals. My stomach feels queasy, I have the sweats and chills, my nose is runny, my head hurts and im very agitated...... My doctor gave me another prescription but when I went to the pharmacy, they would not let me pick up because technically I should have a bout 8 pills left until I can pick up again.... so here I am stuck with out my meds for 2 extra days .... I always knew that percs were really addictive but I always thought that I would be smart enough to never become addicted to them... I have always been against drug abuse, so I decided that im going to go cold turkey since I cant pick up my meds in two days anyways... might as well rip up my prescription and deal with this.. I really do not want to take a pill that will control me instead of me it!

How much longer of this hell do I have left? Can it get worst than what im already experiencing?