I have been taking lortab 10/500 5 daily for years. Because I changed insurance, I also had to change pain mgmt. I have chronic neck problems. My new doctor doesn't like to give sa meds so he is going to put me on a la med but we have to wait to see if my ins. approves it. He gave me enough lortabs to take while we are waiting on the insurance to make up their minds but for some reason he has me taking 4 daily instead of 5. I had a ua two weeks ago Wed. on my first visit to him and I have to go in to see him again this Wed. to talk about this new med he is putting me on. I don't feel like he will give me another ua this quick, (I have never failed one) but just in case he does, will it show up if I take 5 instead of 4? I had some extra pills left over from my last script and the 4 he has me on just isn't controlling the pain. I just don't want to get off on the wrong foot with my new doc. I'm not too crazy about him but he is the only one in the small town I live in. I don't know why he can't just leave me on what has worked for over eight years!
I appreciate any help!