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  17. Just a little help
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  29. Help Cold Turkey Subs and Rapid Suboxone Taper
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  31. Adrenal fatigue supplements.. Anyone use for the WD's?
  32. (2) 8/2mg Suboxone a day, to much for my former addiction
  33. Possibly screwed up induction because my docs an idiot?
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  35. Poppies and Suboxone
  36. Suboxone taper
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  38. Second day completely off subutex. What to expect?
  39. Suboxone withdrawls after 3+years of use. What vitamins/medicine will help?
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  41. My suboxone experience and advice!
  42. Starting Suboxone Detox Tomorrow
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  45. So...What"s the Word on Clonidine?
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  50. precipitated withdrawal yesterday. need advice
  51. Thought I made the jump, but only lasted 36 hours.
  52. Does Horizont/Gabapentin work for sub WD?
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  54. Tapering subs
  55. Newcomer.. Thinking of getting off... Please help!
  56. Anyone heard of drug counseling while trying to taper on your own subs?
  57. Coming off for good
  58. Day one again tomorrow really need help and support
  59. 32mg down to 4mg and hitting a bump in the road
  60. Out of the military with numerous injurie. Please help with my upcoming sub program!!
  61. What makes Roberts Plan more successful than other taper plans out there?
  62. Day 2 Off Sub
  63. Sleep: When does it Return?
  64. Took one pill of Tylenol #3, when would it be safe to resume my Suboxone?
  65. Getting through the day..
  66. Need taper buddy!!
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  68. My suboxone taper and advice
  69. truth about half-life in subs
  70. P.a.w.s ?????
  71. Avoid waiting for withdrawals with minimum doses??
  72. Day 2 and a half on Suboxtone (Zubsolv 5.7 - 1.4 taken twice PER DAY)for
  73. Really need help please day 5 cold turkey
  74. Old and mixed up ! Just started Buprenorphone / Nalox
  75. 24 days sub free
  76. it does get better, never give up
  77. Successful one month taper off sub I did it!! So can you!!
  78. my feet left the edge
  79. The joys of no sleep
  80. question about stopping 8day suboxen habit
  81. anyone here try this
  82. taper help
  83. If I on,y knew then......
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  88. Experiences with Clonidine
  89. suboxone detox question
  90. Had a relapse and need some advice.
  91. 11 days off Suboxone - advice
  92. Ready to end this battle
  93. Is it possible for Naltrexone to permanently block receptors?
  94. Help
  95. Going cold turkey from 6mg
  96. Going through Suboxone Withdrawal
  97. I fell stupid and excited at the same time!
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  107. Really need to get off subs! Have one 8mg strip left.
  108. On day 1 of Suboxone, need advice for short duration stabilaztion/taper.
  109. On 4-8mg of Suboxone for 9 days can I quit without withdrawal?
  110. Starting my Journey
  111. 2 month binge after 7 months clean. help.
  112. Please help. Advice needed.
  113. I have a question regarding suboxone and oxy withdrawal
  114. Advice appreciated
  115. Needing Some Guidance, Advice, & Support Quitting Subutext 8mgs Cold Turkey
  116. day 8 subutex withdrawals
  117. 8 months pregnant weaning off subutext
  118. Day 6 of subutex withdrawal
  119. Improper sub taper creepers - How To Proper Please
  120. Finally getting off, any help/support appreciated
  121. Is suboxone right for me? 80MG oxy a day
  122. I have a question
  123. Just jumped, On holiday vacation. Need help!
  124. Pregnant and want to taper from subutex
  125. Suboxone Taper! Please Help!
  126. Trying to save my family, need support, cold Turk off the sub train
  127. This is a thread for getting free ! Sub taper journal
  128. I quit Suboxone at 24 milligrams.
  129. Preparing for the final battle...Buprenorphine detox.
  130. Short duration on suboxone HELP!
  131. 2 week sub taper!
  132. almost finished with my taper about to start skipping days
  133. Got on SUB for Chronic Pain, but want off SO Badly! Please Help, listen, & support?
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  137. Sub Detox Day 4
  138. Quitting Sub Cold Turkey Help
  139. Quick Sub Detox- would love to move on
  140. Subutex pain patient Desperately, trying to get this out of my Body but I need HELP!
  141. Is the suboxone in the film spread out evenly?
  142. Can't seem to tapper off suboxone to easy. Not because of the w/d..
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  144. My Journey...Subutex Taper and advice
  145. VERY CONFUSED...just started my detox from my pain meds, need help please!!
  146. Cannot come off a small codeine habbit - planning to quit using buprenorphine -advice
  147. Needing Advice
  148. Started my taper and need help please
  149. Almost finished with my taper, want to know what to expect.
  150. tried to quit subs and failed miserably!
  151. All this research, still am ever so confused. PLEASE HELP.
  152. Doctor left on vacation, forgot to write sub script.
  153. Day 3 on suboxone, looking for advice and much needed support!
  154. MacyClaire
  155. Pat'so thread.." I need help"
  156. Going to sub dr tomorrow ... I'm petrified !
  157. Sub Therpay
  158. I'm quitting..Please read.. It may save my life..
  159. Showing my gratitude to all the members on this forum.
  160. IT CAN BE DONE _ sub tapering smart
  161. I need Help tapering off subs. Please.
  162. Suboxone Drug screening Xanax
  163. Suboxone withdrawal almost a month
  164. Little background and ready to take my life back need subs advise--Robert or others n
  165. Inspiration.....
  166. No precip wds from suboxone?
  167. Complete nightmare trying to drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. 5+ years subs/ getting off help!!!!
  169. Help: still having Suboxone with-drawls????
  170. Please help! Needing to start subutex tomorrow!
  171. 15 days clean after getting off suboxone.
  172. I hade made a spreadsheet for Taper along time ago for those who want to get off!
  173. Suboxone after surgery
  174. Need help with induction
  175. Major Surgery Coming Up. Need Help With Suboxone.
  176. Info on what to do if you are taking Subutex or Suboxone like medication B4 surgery.
  177. Sub taper rough
  178. I'm taking the plunge!!
  179. Please help, need your support!
  180. Is this normal? Chills/fever after starting suboxone?
  181. Almost 90 days off suboxone
  182. Correcting a Taper Mistake....Any advice/support/help GREATLY APPRECIATED
  183. Hi, I really need support while detoxing of suboxone. Day 1
  184. Cold turkey off suboxone... Day 5
  185. Question... Tapering plan on hold, what to do?
  186. Tapering off subutex - NEED HELP!
  187. Couple quick questions hoping experts can answer
  188. On Zubslov
  189. Induction and dosing questions
  190. Quit Suboxone Cold Turkey
  191. Period back after PK/ to suboxone?
  192. My Suboxone taper -- seeing the finish line
  193. Day 4 for me
  194. I want off Suboxone quick!
  195. journal tapering off suboxone, support
  196. I need help!!!
  197. Kicked off subs cold turkey! Need some advice!!!
  198. Off Suboxone for tad over month
  199. Suboxone Induction Questions/ FEAR of Percipitated withdrawal
  200. pregnant and tapering
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  202. Don't want to quit Hydrocodone just to end up on Suboxone forever
  203. Urgent question about bupe
  204. Kicking suboxone (subutex) cold turkey
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  206. my journey from poppy seed tea to subs to sobriety!
  207. Advice on what to expect
  208. A letter to myself.
  209. Tapering off my suboxone. Need some advice please!!
  210. sub's to kick pst
  211. Tapered to .15, skipped days, relapsed, now I'm here.
  212. Methadone to Suboxone Advice
  213. Buprenorphine without naloxone??
  214. Advise needed. Now on Zubsolv
  215. Hundereth Time Trying to Get Clean, First Time On Suboxone
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  218. scared again...
  219. NEW member, beginning to taper off after 10+ years on subutex/suboxone
  220. Suboxone/Butrans How my Taper Plan is working
  221. Trying to say good riddance to opiates with suboxone taper!
  222. I stopped suboxone for 8 days until... I couldn't take it anymore. Help!!!
  223. mother of 4 trying to jump off subs scared TO DEATH!!!
  224. Pregnant and Tapering off Subs
  225. Greener Grass
  226. There is no need to suffer! Get off suboxone if you want to.
  227. My suboxone story..80 days off
  228. Made the Jump- My Journey!
  229. Need suboxone cost info and dr visit costs, etc? No insurance. Help!
  230. Mild Suboxone user here, trying to cut back...
  231. Off suboxone. Considering going back on
  232. Off Suboxone going on 5 weeks, still can't sleep at night!
  233. Don't worry, be happy!
  234. Suboxone Taper!!! Please I need your help :(
  235. Extreme Violence on subs?
  236. Self Tapering off of Suboxone - Need encouragement please
  237. Should i go with low dose buprenorphine ?
  238. Advice appreciated
  239. Time to quit
  240. on sub for 10 years
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  242. Final Stretch
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  244. Randy35
  245. Relaspe, can i get back up?
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  249. The Beginning
  250. Pharmacist hassling me over my Buprenorphine prescription, help!