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  1. Day 10, jumped from 4 mg still in rough shape
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  10. Tramadol
  11. A little hope...
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  23. Another attempt, a new approach
  24. Preparing to switch from Fentanyl to Suboxone (Few questions)
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  30. Requesting Tips for my Suboxone Taper Plan
  31. Surgery on sub
  32. Need to stop again, round two
  33. help/advice
  34. Suboxone induction help
  35. proper suboxone treatment taper plan for me
  36. Off Suboxone 2 Years 4 months
  37. Trying to detox again, help and advice needed for rare case
  38. How to deal with the reasons why you used prior opioids/sub?
  39. Suboxone or Methadone?
  40. need advice
  41. Cut Dose by 50% - Feeling a Little Scared
  42. New Here, Thinking About Tapering Off Suboxone
  43. Need Advice, 2 days stopped Suboxone
  44. Day 4 suboxone need help to taper quickly please!!
  45. Supplements/Support for Withdrawal
  46. Zubsolv Taper Going Okay
  47. New...looking for help with Suboxone taper
  48. Day one
  49. stomach issues, along with no sleep.. could it be to much or not eno
  50. Anyone have lingering stomach issues after quitting Suboxone?
  51. Need help with quick suboxone taper after ocycodone
  52. Suboxone Induction Help
  53. Quitting Suboxone after taper, would like input?
  54. Skip or jump?
  55. I got to 26 and took 1mg but I feel worse.
  56. Day 2 of Roberts plan
  57. Day 2 of Roberts plan
  58. Help! Starting subs today!
  59. Support with Suboxone
  60. My journal from methadone to subutex to hopefully clean. I need HELP!!!
  61. Waiting for WD to kick in, have subs ready, nervous
  62. Day two on subutex....desperate for advice..any help would be greatly appreciated
  63. Jumped Subs at 16 per Day
  64. Quick question - nicotine use and taking suboxone sublingual films
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  66. Why doctor's prescribe high doses of 8 to 16mg suboxone..
  67. Going crazy .. Suboxone: quick detox or Roberts taper?
  68. I've made the decision to start on subs, would like advice/help along the way
  69. 2nd day on subs so confused
  70. Feels like now or never
  71. Mentally preparing for withdrawals
  72. and here I go."Lurker" no more.
  73. Looking for Strength in a Moment of Weakness
  74. Afraid to start taper without more info
  75. Suboxone taper pregnancy, safe to jump?
  76. Sub induction question
  77. Advice Wanted: Sub Taper or Taper what I am currently on
  78. Zubsolv HELPPP!!!
  79. From 10-15 30mg Roxy/day habit to 16mg Sub past 7 days.Feeling great now. Need plan!
  80. overit1234
  81. Zubsolv taper
  82. Husband inducting tonight ... need support
  83. Need Suboxone Help, Asap
  84. tapering and freaking
  85. Confused
  86. In Midst of Suboxone taper and need help
  87. Day 9 of cold turkey need help
  88. I have 7 1/2 suboxone films any ideas on a good detox plan
  89. Hardnightslongdays
  90. Day 4 off of Subs only used short term
  91. Suboxone Taper
  92. About ready to try again....
  93. 3 days on suboxone
  94. Anyone Take a Tiny Dose of Sobox Long Term?
  95. 10 year addiction to opiates/suboxone. Just looking for support I guess.
  96. 21 days free of Methadone and hydromorphone.
  97. Advice, support, and anything in between for long term subutex use, ready to quit!
  98. Day 1
  99. Need suggestions for fatigue during withdrawal
  100. Help with taper doses
  101. Still stabilizing on Suboxone a month in
  102. What's the End Game? Weigh In, Experts
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  104. Third try at stopping cold turkey
  105. My Sub induction and vitamin supplements
  106. Using Subs to Detox from Opiates (NEW)
  107. Tapered to 4mg now I'm out. What have I done?
  108. Advice on sub taper at .25
  109. Im about 4 wks pregnant and need help tapering off 2mg of suboxone.. please help
  110. Day one at .25 mg from .325 taper
  111. Getting my head straight finally!
  112. Need help with taper! I am going out of my mind!!!!
  113. Detoxing from Fentanyl using Suboxone
  114. Down to .50 MG after 3 years... In the home stretch
  115. im back
  116. Successful story of how I quit pain pills and Suboxone
  117. Need some advice on Suboxone withdrawal
  118. Started Suboxone Today
  119. 10 year Suboxone - My Mr Robot experience
  120. Day 19 of Suboxone, my diary.
  121. Day 5 off 80 mgs of methadone waited 36 hours for first dose of suboxone
  122. Suboxone withdrawal please help
  123. Old user new to suboxone needs advice
  124. 8mg Jump, Day 12...
  125. Tapered down to 0.25mg & it was totally worth it. I'm on Day 6 Sub WD
  126. Ready for a change- Norco to suboxone taper.....help with questions please?
  127. Just a little help
  128. Methadone to subutex
  129. Finally quitting
  130. Suboxone Jump Soon - Walking on Tightrope
  131. I made it down to 1mg...Now What ????
  132. Tapering off 1mg of Suboxone
  133. Day 5, and on the edge of giving in
  134. Suboxone Home Detox - 2nd Time
  135. Plan to taper, insurance switched from film to tablets though
  136. Trying to taper but having trouble
  137. Boyfriend relapsed - complicated issue, please read
  138. Rapid Suboxone Taper for Withdrawal from 75-90mg Oxycodone Daily
  139. Help Cold Turkey Subs and Rapid Suboxone Taper
  140. On day 5 - need help with a short term sub detox!
  141. Adrenal fatigue supplements.. Anyone use for the WD's?
  142. (2) 8/2mg Suboxone a day, to much for my former addiction
  143. Possibly screwed up induction because my docs an idiot?
  144. tapering off subutex, need help & support
  145. Poppies and Suboxone
  146. Suboxone taper
  147. Just got on subs. Need help
  148. Second day completely off subutex. What to expect?
  149. Suboxone withdrawls after 3+years of use. What vitamins/medicine will help?
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  151. My suboxone experience and advice!
  152. Starting Suboxone Detox Tomorrow
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  155. So...What"s the Word on Clonidine?
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  157. Preparing to Get Off of Suboxone
  158. Methadone to Sub advice please
  159. Day 4 no oxy subs not helping
  160. precipitated withdrawal yesterday. need advice
  161. Thought I made the jump, but only lasted 36 hours.
  162. Does Horizont/Gabapentin work for sub WD?
  163. 0.25mg a day about to jump... Should I wean more?
  164. Tapering subs
  165. Newcomer.. Thinking of getting off... Please help!
  166. Coming off for good
  167. Day one again tomorrow really need help and support
  168. 32mg down to 4mg and hitting a bump in the road
  169. Out of the military with numerous injurie. Please help with my upcoming sub program!!
  170. What makes Roberts Plan more successful than other taper plans out there?
  171. Day 2 Off Sub
  172. Sleep: When does it Return?
  173. Took one pill of Tylenol #3, when would it be safe to resume my Suboxone?
  174. Getting through the day..
  175. Need taper buddy!!
  176. Almost done my taper.. Feeling very tired and unmotivated now
  177. My suboxone taper and advice
  178. truth about half-life in subs
  179. P.a.w.s ?????
  180. Avoid waiting for withdrawals with minimum doses??
  181. Day 2 and a half on Suboxtone (Zubsolv 5.7 - 1.4 taken twice PER DAY)for
  182. Really need help please day 5 cold turkey
  183. Old and mixed up ! Just started Buprenorphone / Nalox
  184. 24 days sub free
  185. it does get better, never give up
  186. Successful one month taper off sub I did it!! So can you!!
  187. my feet left the edge
  188. The joys of no sleep
  189. question about stopping 8day suboxen habit
  190. anyone here try this
  191. taper help
  192. If I on,y knew then......
  193. Trying to get free and live off sub
  194. Starting Sub taper...Finally!
  195. Sporadic Methadone Dosing to Suboxone Induction question
  196. Husband had an affair while tapering off Suboxone
  197. Experiences with Clonidine
  198. suboxone detox question
  199. Had a relapse and need some advice.
  200. 11 days off Suboxone - advice
  201. Ready to end this battle
  202. Is it possible for Naltrexone to permanently block receptors?
  203. Help
  204. Going cold turkey from 6mg
  205. Going through Suboxone Withdrawal
  206. I fell stupid and excited at the same time!
  207. Limited subs, still want to get sober.
  208. Trying to taper of subs but doc started me too high 12 mgs what to do now?
  209. I need some backup
  210. almost 3 weeks off subs after 7-8 years!
  211. Starting a short subutex taper for Roxy addiction
  212. I can't stop wanting to go get some sub! Help
  213. Possible to wean in third trimester?!
  214. 7 Days off subs now!
  215. Day 4 of suboxone, things not normal... need advice please.
  216. Really need to get off subs! Have one 8mg strip left.
  217. On day 1 of Suboxone, need advice for short duration stabilaztion/taper.
  218. On 4-8mg of Suboxone for 9 days can I quit without withdrawal?
  219. Starting my Journey
  220. 2 month binge after 7 months clean. help.
  221. Please help. Advice needed.
  222. Advice appreciated
  223. Needing Some Guidance, Advice, & Support Quitting Subutext 8mgs Cold Turkey
  224. day 8 subutex withdrawals
  225. 8 months pregnant weaning off subutext
  226. Day 6 of subutex withdrawal
  227. Improper sub taper creepers - How To Proper Please
  228. Finally getting off, any help/support appreciated
  229. Is suboxone right for me? 80MG oxy a day
  230. I have a question
  231. Just jumped, On holiday vacation. Need help!
  232. Pregnant and want to taper from subutex
  233. Suboxone Taper! Please Help!
  234. Trying to save my family, need support, cold Turk off the sub train
  235. This is a thread for getting free ! Sub taper journal
  236. I quit Suboxone at 24 milligrams.
  237. Preparing for the final battle...Buprenorphine detox.
  238. Short duration on suboxone HELP!
  239. almost finished with my taper about to start skipping days
  240. Got on SUB for Chronic Pain, but want off SO Badly! Please Help, listen, & support?
  241. Need help with withdrawing from suboxone
  242. suboxone cold turkey day 4
  243. Dont know where to start with my taper
  244. Sub Detox Day 4
  245. Quitting Sub Cold Turkey Help
  246. Quick Sub Detox- would love to move on
  247. Subutex pain patient Desperately, trying to get this out of my Body but I need HELP!
  248. Is the suboxone in the film spread out evenly?
  249. Can't seem to tapper off suboxone to easy. Not because of the w/d..
  250. Worried about suboxone withdrawal