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  1. Could Subxone be the answer?
  2. Made the choice to change
  3. robert, took last dose at 4:30 eastern time on my way to 26
  4. former opiate addict wanting to inspire others
  5. Please help!!!
  6. cant decide if it is good or bad that i found w/d cure
  7. High metabolizer methadone to subutex question...
  8. Methadone to subutex with intermediate question...
  9. Jumping at .3mg subtex, depression question
  10. ShaTee's sub taper
  11. Quit Tramadol Cold Turkey FML
  12. Thomas Recipe for Detox??? PLEASE HELP!!
  13. 6th day quitting pain killers....and SICK
  14. Pluffs Journey
  15. drug companies
  16. Just needing a little support
  17. Am I on the correct dose?
  18. My husband - sucking the life out of me
  19. C.a. One year today> thanks!
  20. Sudden extreme sadness...Tramadol related?
  21. Did I mis-step by getting on Suboxone this time?
  22. Sub withdrawal - how long does it take to start w/d after you stop?
  23. Taking lisinopril and then drinking alcohol, please help!
  24. need help with upcoming induction soon
  25. Pain..........
  26. reviews on withdrawal ease product?
  27. 48 hours off of 2mg suboxone and feeling fine - good sign or naiive!??!!
  28. Giving a gift to an addict...
  29. I need a favor.......
  30. Horrible joint pain on Buprenorphine
  31. please reply!! need help going from methadone to roxi;s to subutex
  32. .5 sub taper please help me
  33. please help!!! need to detox from methadone and oxy's using short term subutex..
  34. need help going from methadone to oxy's to subutex
  35. I will not use today...
  36. Here I am again
  37. My boyfriend and I both take painkillers, I need advice.
  38. Quick Question about Percocet withdrawal >> Vicodin Withdrawal.
  39. 11 days off Suboxone - when do I get my mind back?
  40. I need help detoxing from percocet
  41. Need help with suboxone taper and w/d
  42. Want to stop OxyContin
  43. Elavil withdrawal ... ? causing palpitations
  44. I'm here again..... Back on Opiates for pain and want to Detox... Again!!
  45. Suboxone w/d
  46. Taper Down - Need Suggestion Help
  47. Horrible neurontin withdrawals help
  48. Methadone and weight gain
  49. Just 2nd Day Tapering.
  50. My story (just started subs)
  51. 24 hours off oxies, waiting for 26 -Robert?
  52. Just found out husband is an addict. PLEASE help me!
  53. Help! Feel like I'm on the fence/Oxy....
  54. Scared of possible side effects of 3 drugs.Please help.
  55. last time
  56. Update and Advice Needed
  57. I am on my quest to 26 to start induction on Subutex
  58. Painless Withdrawal
  59. Help Me Help My Son
  60. Support please :)
  61. another hopeless soul
  62. Do Not Suffer From Withdrawl, You Don't Have To Anymore
  63. Robert I need your advice and help please
  64. Back Surgery?
  65. Lucid/vivid dreams
  66. my husbands addiction
  67. Bryan Here is your thread
  68. 48 hours off suboxone withdrawal
  69. Need some help!
  70. Little Help from someone more experienced
  71. suboxone Taper
  72. need reassurance and happy fairydust news.
  73. Clean and conffused
  74. 13 Weeks Clean... still having intermittent pain/insomnia
  75. Need Help Please!!
  76. Soma overdose?
  77. Support for SRVJimi's Success
  78. Subs/Precip Withdrawals??
  79. Is Addiction Bad?
  80. every day i stay sober is a good day?
  81. Advice about partner with >>>>>> addiction
  82. Steve's thread for doing a sub taper
  84. kicking >>>>>>
  85. Would you like a bag? I'd say no, but I'd be lying..unfortunately
  86. My husband is an addict and I am done..
  87. Help, Advise, Friend
  88. Why do I feel so tired after I take my medicine?
  89. 14 reviews and no advice
  90. Crystal Meth
  91. Stimulants for an athlete
  92. need advice or i just dont know anymore
  93. quick tapering question
  94. >>>>>> detox
  95. to leave or not to leave
  96. question
  97. One Time, High Dose Suboxone Withdrawal From >>>>>>
  98. Bad Medicine, Good Medicine, No Medicine
  99. Ready to call it quits
  100. Just need a little help...
  101. My husband is a paraplegic and a drug addict
  102. On 3-24-2010 I am 3 months clean
  103. Ricky's new thread on tapering off suboxone
  104. oxy withdrawl help please
  105. son is negative to opiodes
  106. Lexapro... making my way back
  107. A couple questions about >>>>>> withdrawal
  108. Did opiate addiction cause my brain damage? Comments plz
  109. opiate withdrawl please help
  110. now i lost my job.......
  111. Suggestions for Methadone Withdrawl
  112. Well,
  113. Looking for some insight from recovering >>>>>> addicts
  114. So heres my story. Im hoping someone with a little more experiance then me can help!!
  115. Support needed to stop precip/W/D
  116. oxycontin adiction Help me Please!
  117. Help
  118. New to all this
  119. Cancer patient w/ Methadone addiction
  120. where is rock bottom?
  121. Needing Aricept sub or generic;
  122. Addicted to Oxys.In need of help.
  123. Robert can you please help me taper?
  124. Administrators please help me.
  125. Oxy--codone or contin? for detox?
  126. venting....
  127. cystocele and rectocele surgery
  128. gmc012883's Own Personal Thread
  129. help with quiting oxycodone cold turkey
  130. help with opioid testing on Son
  131. With God's Help - Weaning off Suboxone
  132. Addicted to Pain Meds Part2
  133. need some advice again
  134. Neuro Electric Therapy and detox anybody know anything
  135. tasigna for cml
  136. My Alcoholic Neighbor.
  137. going from oxy's and hyrdos to ultram
  138. why pilocarpine pills can not be used for patients with glaucoma?
  139. I am on a drug called Trileptal and was hoping some one can help me with a couple Q's
  140. Exalgo
  141. Disabled vet looking for quick detox.
  142. How I successfully got off methadone and oxycodone
  143. suboxone experiment who wants to help!?
  144. Day OFF VICs
  145. boyfriend on methadone and being mean
  146. Where do I go from here, he took Valium and I think back on methadone!!!Advise please
  147. does doing drugs make it harder to ejaculate?
  148. getting off subs, have some questions!
  149. There is no easy way to get clean, just do it!
  150. My Suboxone Diary: "Coming off of Suboxone" days 1 - 4
  151. Mobic / Meloxicam making pain worse?
  152. I think I did it, Am I Clean yet ?
  153. need help
  154. Please Accept an Apology.
  155. Morphine detox with sickle cell
  156. Husband is going off Fentanyl patches
  157. About to start Suboxone and am WORRIED
  158. Hypothyroid - Pos. Preg Test. Lump on Neck
  159. I Dont Know What To Do!!!
  160. Advice on treatment options
  161. walking away from a ketamine addict
  162. Hello everyone!!
  163. rehab
  164. about to lose it.
  165. need some advice please
  166. Parent of addict
  167. I am a failure
  168. alone in a room
  169. Relapse question. Please help!
  170. Help! going thru vicodin withdrawal
  171. Do I need to taper my Valium?
  172. I"m going cold turkey again :(
  173. methadone and a urine test
  174. Robert and all need your help please:)
  175. dependant on drugs?
  176. Life after Suboxone
  177. just need to get this out of me!
  178. What it feels like 6 months clean after opiate pain meds
  179. Starting my detox today after work
  180. To the girlfriends who stayed
  181. Relapse
  182. day 6
  183. CA, 10 months and counting
  184. Any helpful information would be appreciated
  185. Help with Methadone Tapper
  186. has anybody tried opiate withdrawal -ease
  187. Taking percs after suboxone
  188. Mothers please read me:
  189. I'm new and am detoxing off Tramadol
  190. My methadone tapper journey
  191. Try 4
  192. How can doctors get away with saying Suboxone has no side effects or withdrawals?
  193. My boyfriend is trying to quit QxyContin.... Advise??
  194. Methadone to suboxone please help
  195. methadone to sub please help me
  196. Codeine withdrawal determined to do it this time
  197. My Status, and a question.(Oxycodone)
  198. I think I need rehab, but...
  199. My fiance has relapsed-please advise, please help!
  200. Sub taper 2mg to 0
  201. I don't know what to do!
  202. Anyone who is saved, please pray for me
  203. Can anyone with an opiate past help?
  204. greetings everyone-Robert, if you have a moment?
  205. I think I'm going crazy.....will this go away?!?!
  206. Think I made a big mistake, 21 day methadone detox
  207. Doctor Verifying RITALIN PRESCRIPTION?
  208. Do you love someone who has been or is addicted?
  209. Hello, I'm on hour 40 and need some support...
  210. Anyone know of some bible scriptures for detoxers?
  211. herion!!
  212. relationships after rehab?
  213. im in trouble with my pain mgmt dr what do i do?
  214. Beginning of day 4 oxy detox things are wierd
  215. Suggestions PLEASE
  216. this methadone is a mother
  217. Help me help my Mum
  218. Oxy WD
  219. Anyone break out in zits taking opiates or Tramadol
  220. Alittle help?
  221. He'll only have sex on cocaine...
  222. my experiance w Sub induction 26 hours after OXY
  223. 24 hours C/T Oxycodone
  224. Addict in recovery needs a job.
  225. getting ready to detox from opanaER ..
  226. Robert need your help please
  227. My Sub taper story so far...
  228. suboxone after rapid 2 day oxy taper from 150mg Help!
  229. 30 Days Clean
  230. Day 2 or so.....
  231. SUB-Liminal Stupidity - A Person Journey
  232. Need intelligent advice for a complex situation.
  233. what to do with your husbands addiction is hurting you too
  234. PLEASE help ANSWER
  235. what will they give me ??
  236. duragesic patch & clonidine & morphine
  237. weight gain and opiates
  238. Sub w/d...i feel like im not gonna make it this time...
  239. How often a day can you take L-Tyrosine
  240. I have posted here before, need help, badly, it's time to really stop
  241. My taper is working! (words for those struggling like me.)
  242. Quitting Roxy's
  243. Getting off pain meds
  244. 24 hrs C/T off Percocet and it sucks...
  245. Addiction is killing me and its not mine
  246. Questin For Robert_325
  247. Hair Drug Test - HELP!!!
  248. My sub taper journal, need support...
  249. Im going C\T off of 5-8 Blues a day
  250. Suboxone or Not ?? Confused