I have been on Lexapro for 2 years and 3 months. I tried several times to wean off lexapro very slowly, moderately and cold turkey and what I found is that I had the exact same torturous debilitating withdrawals no matter if I weaned slowly or suddenly stopped. However I have a good news story for all you people who want to get off Lexapro because of unwanted side-effect's or because you are just tired of putting synthethic chemicals into your body and polluting your organs.

If u suddenly stop taking lexapro BUT you replace it the next day with St' Johns Wort there is amazingly little or no withdrawal from the lexapro. It's the most amazing feeling I have had in a long time to finally be free from Lexapro 2 weeks tomorrow. I was afraid I would never get off of it because of the withdrawals, but it seems that St Johns Wort is helping to keep my Serotonin levels similar to Lexapro because I have not had any serotonin withdrawal syndrome. Thanks to St Johns Wort!

Keep the faith and keep smiling.